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The leading manufacturer of OEM EV chargers with over 14 years of dedicated experience in AC EVSE.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality,industry-standard electric vehicle charging equipment

to clients worldwide, including automotive dealers, parts manufacturers, and major retail platforms.

Benefits of OEM EV Chargers

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) EV charger is a customized electric vehicle charging station designed and produced to meet specific client requirements and brand specifications.

OEM EV Chargers are crucial in the global race to net zero emissions. The automotive industry is undergoing a significant shift to electric vehicles (EVs). For example, General Motors plans to be all-electric by 2035. Canada, China, and many European countries have mandated the phasing out gas-powered vehicles between 2030 and 2040.

The entire electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) market is rapidly expanding. As millions of internal combustion vehicles are replaced with electric vehicles, there will be a corresponding need for more EV charging stations in urban and rural areas. Any place with an available power source can offer EV charging. This means offering EV charging as a service or amenity for shoppers, employees, and building residents is becoming increasingly practical and necessary. It is also a great opportunity for developers to build OEM EV charging products and infrastructure to support the EV market.

BESEN OEM EV Charging Station Models

Black BESEN OEM EV charging station bs20 with a digital display showing 30.8A, promoting OEM/ODM service options for logo, function, color, and certification, with connector icons at the bottom.

3.7kW / 7.4kW / 11kW /22kW


BESEN black OEM EV charger model BS30 displayed with text highlighting features such as logo customization, functionality, color options, and certification. The charger is shown against a light background with blue and yellow text boxes.

3.7kW / 7.4kW / 11kW /22kW


BESEN black OEM EV charger model bn30 displayed with text highlighting features such as logo customization, functionality, color options, and certification.

3.7kW / 7.4kW / 11kW /22kW


End-to-End Service

Needs Analysis: Work closely with customers to understand their business needs and market position and create the best custom solutions.

Project Management: Offer professional project management to ensure timely and quality completion. Our experienced team coordinates all stages efficiently.

After-Sales Support: Provide comprehensive after-sales support, including technical training and multi-language (English, French, Spanish) customer service to ensure the long-term reliability of your charging equipment.

BESEN OEM EV Chargers Service

BESEN OEM EV chargers are displayed in a professional setting, featuring a wall-mounted charger with a digital display and two portable chargers. A badge with
Design and Appearance

Custom product designs and features tailored to your brand.

Technical Specifications

Specifications for power, interfaces, and charging speed.

Safety Features

Thorough safety tests and robust protection mechanisms.

Software and Smart Features

Smart functions like remote monitoring and data management.

Regulatory Compliance

Certification support to meet global standards.

Packaging and Distribution

Secure packaging and efficient logistics solutions.

Deploying OEM EV Charging Stations

Residential Buildings: Charge your EVs at home. For homeowners, this means garage chargers that fully charge overnight. In apartments, networked charging systems (OCPP) are needed in parking lots and garages.

Commercial and Industrial Businesses: Many companies and organizations want to provide charging stations as a service or amenity. This includes retail businesses, corporations, hotels, and event venues, offering charging support for visitors and employees. Many cities now require all new buildings to include EV charging stations.

Side-by-side images showing BESEN OEM EV charging stations in use. The left image depicts a charging station in a commercial setting, while the right image shows a charging station in a residential setting, emphasizing both home and commercial applications.
EV Charging Stations Data Sheet
Connector and ElectricalInput Voltage / Output VoltageAC 230V/400VAC 230V/400VAC 230V/400V
Input Frequency47~63Hz47~63Hz47~63Hz
AC Power Output Rating3.6kW / 7.2kW /11kW / 22kW3.6kW / 7.2kW /11kW / 22kW3.6kW / 7.2kW /11kW / 22kW
Max. Output Current32A32A32A
Connector TypeSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/TSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/TIEC 62196-2
Performance and SafetyIngress ProtectionIP66IP66IP66
Impact ProtectionIK10
Electrical ProtectionUnder Voltage Protection / Over Load Protection / Short Circuit Protection / Earth Leakage Protection / Over-temp Protection /Lightning Protection
RCD TypeType A / Type A+6mA DCType A / Type A+6mA DCType A / Type A+6mA DC
Environment Temperature-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C
FunctionCurrent AdjustingYesYesYes
LED Indicator LightYesYesYes
LCD Display Screen3.5-inch Color DisplayNoNo
Mounting MethodWall-Mounted / Ground-mounting Pole
Plug & PlayYesYesYes
Dynamic Load BalancingYesNoNo
Portable EV Chargers Data Sheet
Connector and ElectricalInput Voltage / Output Voltage100~250V AC100~250V AC100~250V AC100~250V ACAC 230V/400V100~250V ACAC 400V
Input Frequency47~63Hz47~63Hz47~63Hz47~63Hz47~63Hz47~63Hz47~63Hz
AC Power Output Rating3.6kW3.6kW3.6kW8.8kW1-phase up to 7.2kW (MAX 32A)
3-phase up to 16.5kW (MAX 24A)
Max. Output Current16A 1 phase16A 1 phase16A 1 phase40A 1 phase32A for 1 phase / 24A for 3 phase16A 1 phase16A 3 phase
Connector TypeSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/TSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/TSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/TSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/TIEC 62752:2016SAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/TIEC 62196-2, GB/T
Performance and SafetyIngress ProtectionIP66IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66
Impact ProtectionIK10IK10
Electrical ProtectionUnder Voltage Protection / Over Load Protection / Short Circuit Protection / Earth Leakage Protection / Over-temp Protection /Lightning Protection
RCD TypeType A / Type A+6mA DCType A / Type A+6mA DCType A / Type A+6mA DCType A / Type A+6mA DCType A+6mA DCType A / Type A+6mA DCType A+6mA DC
Environment Temperature-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C-25°C~55°C
FunctionCurrent AdjustingYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
LED Indicator LightYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
LCD Display ScreenNoYesYesYesNoNoNo
LCD Touch ScreenNoNoNoNoYesNoNo
Time SettingNoNoYesNoYesNoNo
Time Delay SettingNoNoYesNoYesNoNo
MechnicalDimension(L/W/D)245/105/48 mm249/105/55 mm249/104/48 mm265/105/55 mm300/66/86 mm189/66/48 mm235/100/60 mm
Certification & Patent

Various product certification documents displayed in a horizontal arrangement, showcasing compliance and quality standards. Certificates of conformity and compliance arranged horizontally, representing various product certifications achieved by BESEN. Certificates of conformity and compliance arranged horizontally, showcasing additional product certifications obtained by BESEN. Verification and certificates of conformity, presented in a horizontal layout, highlighting BESEN's diverse range of product certifications. Test verification and certificates of conformity, arranged in a row, illustrating BESEN's comprehensive product certifications for global standards. A collection of product certificates of conformity and compliance, demonstrating BESEN's adherence to various international standards for their EV charging solutions.

Call BESEN Sales Team Directly

From manufacturing electric vehicle charging stations to providing you with comprehensive charging support, BESEN has the technology, products and services automotive OEMs need to expand their business.

What are the customization options available for OEM EV chargers?

Customization options include design and appearance, technical specifications, safety features, software and smart features, regulatory compliance, packaging, distribution, and personalization for special needs.

How can businesses benefit from providing OEM EV charging stations?

OEM EV charging stations can attract more customers, enhance employee satisfaction, and support sustainability goals by providing convenient and reliable EV charging. Charging stations can also bring in extra money through usage fees.

What are OEM charging components?

OEM charging components are the individual parts and assemblies used to create a complete EV charging solution, including cables, connectors, and control units.

How can I get a custom OEM EV charging solution?

To get a custom OEM EV charging solution, contact BESEN with your specific requirements. Our team will work with you to design, develop, and deliver a tailored EV charging solution that meets your needs.

Are OEM electric vehicle chargers compliant with global standards?

Charging standards and certifications vary from country to country, and BESEN can help customers understand these requirements and provide comprehensive support to ensure compliance and facilitate access to target markets.

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