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Wide view of the BESEN manufacturing assembly line, showing employees working on production.

Premier Manufacturer of EVSE

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Top Brand in Manufacturing EV Charging Equipment

BESEN is a professional electric vehicle charging product manufacturer committed to providing the safest, most efficient, and most reliable electric vehicle charging solutions for families and businesses. We are committed to providing our customers with innovative products that represent the latest technology in electric vehicle charging and offering excellent customer service.

ODM and OEM services are available. Through implementing a comprehensive dealer support plan, we are committed to helping customers achieve sales growth. In line with our dedication to making EV charging more accessible and convenient, BESEN strives to make charging simpler for everyone.

Milestones of BESEN

BESEN Entered the field of EV charging connectors
Launched first and second-generation EV connectors for European and American markets and embarked on R&D and production of electric vehicle equipment.
Contributed to Chinese EV connector standards, introduced China's first EV charging station for international markets, and released the third-generation EV connector, enhancing its electric vehicle equipment lineup.
Solidified market presence with the development of the classic Portable EV Charger PCD-020 and the launch of the highly waterproof fourth-generation EV connector. Achieved the top exporter status in the EVSE sector on Alibaba.
BESEN was the second globally and the first in China to earn the TUV TypeA+DC 6mA certificate, later winning the IF Design Award for its 16kW charger and expanding its global presence with new partnerships.
Introduced the innovative DLB EV Charger, showcasing significant advancement in electric vehicle equipment technology.

Growing Together with BESEN

At BESEN, we are committed to building strong partnerships with our distributors, focusing on mutual growth and success. Our approach is centered on trust, dedication, and shared goals, providing competitive, tailored EVSE solutions that meet the unique demands of each market.

We work closely with our partners to ensure their interests are prioritized, offering personalized support and products designed for optimal brand exposure and profitability.

We believe in the power of feedback to enhance our services continually. With our robust support system, we are dedicated to helping you broaden your market reach and achieve sustained profitable growth.

BESEN manufacturing facility with text overlay highlighting 14 years as a professional EVSE manufacturer.
Electronic components and testing devices in a lab, showcasing BESEN's commitment to quality and innovation.

Excellence and Innovation in BESEN's Path to Quality and Growth

BESEN rigorously pursues product certifications to meet and exceed global standards, ensuring our EV charging solutions are of the highest quality. This commitment not only fosters customer trust but also empowers our dealers to confidently enter and expand in diverse markets.

By aligning our products with stringent certification criteria, we guarantee compliance and superior performance across regions.

Innovation drives BESEN. Our dedication to R&D, fueled by a deep understanding of market needs and customer feedback, positions us at the forefront of technological advancements in the EVSE industry.


Experience the BESEN Difference

Close-up of a BESEN EV charging plug placed on snow-covered greenery, emphasizing sustainability.
Our initiatives aim to minimize carbon footprints and promote renewable energy, reflecting our dedication to the planet's well-being.
BESEN employee interacting with dogs through a fence, highlighting community care and charity participation.
BESEN is committed to community care, actively participating in charity events and services to support societal well-being, embodying our ethos of giving back.
BESEN exhibition booth showcasing EV charging solutions and company branding.
BESEN showcases global leadership in EV charging at top exhibitions, connecting with partners worldwide to expand our reach and innovate together.

BESEN Through the Lens

Portrait of a BESEN employee in the manufacturing facility.
BESEN employees working on the production line, assembling EV charging stations.
BESEN employee assembling EV charging cables with a smile.
Group photo of the BESEN team in an outdoor setting with modern buildings in the background.
BESEN team member opening a gift at a company event, surrounded by colleagues.
BESEN team members enjoying a gathering with food and desserts, engaging in conversation.

Discover EV Charging Growth Opportunities with BESEN

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