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Type 1 to Type 2 Adaptor, European And American Standards

This EV Type 1 to Type 2 charging adapter is specifically designed for Type 2 EV charging. Its lightweight construction makes it incredibly portable, allowing for easy transportation. Additionally, it streamlines the wiring setup of the original adapter, primarily functioning as a converter. When plugged in, the adapter’s main body lights up with a bright green indicator, signaling its active status.


Small and Lightweight

This adaptor possesses a compact and featherweight design, facilitating effortless portability for users, ensuring they can take it along wherever their journeys lead.


LED Indicator

When the adapter is turned on, the LED strip illuminates with a vibrant green light, serving as a clear indicator of its operational status.

Why Choose BESEN EVSP005

16/32A Adaptive Current
Easy to Carry
10000+ Serive Times
What does the adapter primarily function as?

The adapter primarily serves as a converter, streamlining the wiring setup required for Type 1 electric vehicles to charge using Type 2 charging stations.

Does this adapter require any additional setup or installation?

No, this adapter is plug-and-play, requiring no additional setup or installation process.

Can this adapter be used with Type 2 EVs for charging?

No, this adapter is specifically designed for Type 2 EVs to connect to Type 1 charging stations. It is not compatible with Type 1 EVs.

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