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Type 1 / SAE J1772 Dummy Socket 

This dummy socket accommodates all SAE J1772 Type 1 connectors and mounts. Crafted from highly durable material, it boasts excellent waterproof performance. The plug holder ensures your Type 1 EV charger connector stays protected from rain and dust.


High Compatibility

This dummy socket is universally compatible with all Type 1 electric vehicle charging plugs.


Easy to Install

This EV charger plug holder is a breeze to set up, requiring just a few screws to complete the installation process.

Why Choose BESEN SAE

Compatible with Type 1 Connectors
Solid Shell
Great Water-proof Performance
Does the dummy socket offer protection against water and dust?

Yes, the dummy socket boasts excellent waterproof performance, keeping the charging system protected from rain and dust.

Does the EV charger holder require any additional accessories for installation?

No, this plug holder typically comes ready for installation and does not require any additional accessories.

What material is this EV Charger holder made of?

The dummy socket is crafted from highly durable material to ensure long-lasting performance.

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