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anner displaying framed certification and patent documents on shelves with certification logos below.
Certification & Patent

Product Certifications

Certification is essential for products. It standardizes the parameters and indicators of products, ensures the quality of products, and allows products to be sold generally in relevant regions in compliance, effectively improving customers’ trust. Different areas need different product certifications.

BESEN attaches great importance to the certification of all products. We standardize our product quality according to higher product certification standards and ensure that our product certification covers more regions and markets so dealers can expand the market better.

Company Honor

BESEN is dedicated to continuously improving its factory strength, pushing for efficient management and orderly processes. To this end, BESEN has many certifications and honors that have helped regulate the production process.

In BESEN, we are embracing the industrial revolution of Industry 4.0! We are determined to create the most advanced, fully automatic mechanized factory and provide excellent precision and higher efficiency at every step of the manufacturing process. All these enable customers to obtain the best quality products from us in every order!

Design & Invention Patents

At BESEN, we believe that the company’s technological research and development capabilities, understanding of products and markets, and emphasis on innovation are the key to success. We have invested a lot of resources in the EVSE product line to innovate technology based on customer feedback so that distributors can surpass competitors. To further achieve this goal, we plan to increase the annual R&D budget by 30-35% to expand the team responsible for new equipment development, improve speed and respond to customer needs.

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