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What is EVSEMaster ?

Apps for EV charging, like EVSEMaster by BESEN, make managing your EV charging stations easy. This app lets you control your smart EV charging stations from your phone. With EVSEMaster, you can manage and monitor your charging sessions remotely, making the process more convenient and efficient than ever.

Key Features

Get Notified

Stay informed with notifications when your vehicle completes charging.

Enhanced Security

Ensure user safety by easily changing communication passwords.

Initiate or halt the charging process directly from EVSEMaster.

Tailor charging parameters with options for cycle, single, or recurring charging.

Keep track of connected charging stations with independent error message displays.

Monitor charging status, including current, total power consumption, temperature, and maximum output.

Seamlessly update firmware versions wirelessly, ensuring your system is always up to date.

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We Cover The Entire World

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Discover a new level of excellence in electric vehicle charging with EVSEMaster. This cutting-edge solution is designed to enhance and elevate your charging experience like never before. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, EVSEMaster empowers you to take full control of  your charging sessions. Experience seamless integration with various electric vehicle models, ensuring compatibility and optimized performance.


Before Using The APP

When installing the APP, the permissions required by the system must be allowed, and the functions of Bluetooth and location of the mobile phone need to be turned on by default. These functions are required by the hardware of the mobile phone’s Bluetooth communication. The software does not obtain the user’s location information. When using the APP, make sure that the two permissions above are turned on. You may turn off the two permissions when the APP is not at use.

Conditions Of Use For Bluetooth Communication

Make sure that the charging station is not blocked by any metal objects nor installed in an iron box. The charging station and the mobile phone need to be within a certain distance(within 10 meters) of an open area.

Conditions Of Use For Wi-Fi Communication
Make sure that the charging station is not blocked by any metal objects nor installed in an iron box. The charging station and the mobile phone need to be connected to the same router within the signal coverage of the same wireless router. They are available to communicate with each other when connected to the same router at the same time.



How To Connect The Charging Station?
After opening the APP, click “Connect charging station” on the homepage to open the Bluetooth device list, or open the Bluetooth device list through the symbol “+” in the upper right corner of the homepage. After that, the phone will search for charging stations within available range. If there are multiple devices, select one device that needs to be connected.
If the device is not found, wait for about 60 seconds, or restart the charging station, or exit the APP and turn it on again.

Can Multiple Phones Connect To The Same Station Through The App At The Same Time?
Yes. They can operate the station at the same time.

Can The Charging Current Be Set?
Yes. You may select certain charging currents on the main charging page.

Does The Station Support Button Start?
Yes if the charging station has a button. Button start is just an additional start method. The station still supports APP start and other start methods.

Does The App Record Charging Start And Abnormal Information?
Yes. Information of starting and ending charging and system abnormality is recorded on the “Information Prompt” page.

Wi-Fi Setting In The General Settings
First of all, make sure that the phone is connected to the Wi-Fi router. Then the APP will automatically obtain the Wi-Fi name on the setting page. You may now fill in the Wi-Fi password. If you still cannot connect to the network after setting, try to set it again and ensure that the charging station is within the range of Wi-Fi router signal coverage.

Button Start Function In The General Settings
This function enables users to turn on or off the station.

Does The Temperature Type Allow Being Switched On The Charging Main Page Of The APP ?
Yes. Click the temperature area to switch the temperature type.

Note: This only switches the content on the APP page but not the temperature type displayed on the charging station.

Can I Modify The User Name Of The APP?
Yes. Click on the user name to modify In the system settings.

Can I Switch The APP Language?
Yes. Select “Language Settings” in the system settings. “Chinese” and “English” are available to choose from.

The Communication Method Displayed On The APP Page Switches Between Bluetooth And Wi-Fi
The first communication method must be via Bluetooth. After setting Wi-Fi parameters through the APP, the device will be avalable to connect Wi-Fi. When both communication methods are available, the system will automatically switch the communication method, especially when the signal is in In critical situations, repeated switching of communication methods may occur, which is normal.

Can One Phone Connecte To Multiple Stations Through The App At The Same Time ?
No. Only one charging station can be operated at a time, but different stations can be switched.

Does The App Support Cycle Start?
Yes. Select the time point, repeat point, charging time and charging power on the “Cycle Charging” page of “Customized Charging”. If periodic charging is set, there will be a clock sign on the charging station display. Setting a periodic start only adds a new start method. The station still supports APP start and other start methods.
Note: The charging cable needs to be connected to the car before the start time arrives, and it will automatically end if it is not connected after the timeout.

Communication Password Change In The General Settings
The communication password is a 6-digit number. Users need to modify it in time to avoid being used by others.

Renaming The Charging Station In The General Settings
The name of the charging station could include English letters, numbers and related symbols. The maximum length is 11 characters. The initial default name is EVSEXXXX. XXXX is the last four digits of the charging station number, such as: EVSE1234. Renaming the station only modifies the station name, but also the sisplay name in the upper left corner of the charging station, and the name of the Bluetooth module. If the Bluetooth module is not modified, try renaming the station again.

Temperature Type In The General Settings
The temperature type on the charging station include degree Celsius and degree Fahrenheit. When it is a variable type, it can be modified by the temperature type in the general settings. After the modification, the charging station will display the corresponding temperature type.

Does A Three-Phase Charging Station Support Single-Phase Output?
Yes. There are options to choose from on the main charging page.

Firmware Upgrade Function
The charging station supports firmware upgrade. Go to the firmware upgrade page, the system will detect the feature word of the local firmware and the firmware feature word of the server. If there is new firmware, the system will prompt that the firmware can be upgraded.
① The firmware upgrade needs to be carried out when the charging station is not at use and the plug is not connected.
② It takes about 30 minutes to upgrade the firmware when connected to Bluetooth, and about 5 minutes to upgrade the firmware when connected to Wi-Fi. During the upgrade process, the APP will indicate the progress and remaining time. The upgrade process is best performed when connected to Wi-Fi. Network switching will affect the upgrade process negatively. It is recommended to turn off the other network before upgrading. For example, when using Wi-Fi to upgrade, turn off the Bluetooth function of the phone, vice versa.
③ Keep the signal unblocked and do not stay away from the device during the upgrade process.
④ Keep the APP in a valid running state and do not run it in the background, or close the phone screen during the upgrade process. It is recommended to set the screen display time to 10 minutes.
⑤ After the upgrade is completed, the charging station will restart, and then the latest version will be available.


APP Software Upgrade Function
Check the APP software version through “About” in the system settings and get the latest version. Or go to the supplier’s official website to get the latest version, which is www.besen-group.com.

How To Prevent My Station From Being Used By Others?
Communication password pairing is needed between the station and the APP for the first use, and the default password is “123456”. To avoid your station being used by others, go to the “Modify Communication Password” page in the general settings when using it for the first time. After modification, the station can only be used after inputting the correct password on the APP, and the password only needs to be entered once for future use.

After Reinstalling The APP, The APP Prompts That The Communication Password Is Incorrect
After the APP is reinstalled, the communication password of the APP returns to “123456” by default, whilt the charging station keeps the last modified password. At this time, input the last password. If you forget it, send the 16-digit number of the station to the supplier for help. The 16-digit number can be obtained in three ways and they are through the communication password prompt page, the “About station” page of the APP, and the display of the charging station.

Why Does The Interface Of The Three-Phase Charging Station Show Three Sets Of Voltages And Currents?
Toggle ConteThree-phase charging stations are compatible with single-phase stations. Some car interfaces only support single-phase charging. Another possible reason is the lack of phase in the three-phase power supply, so the voltage and current of each phase are listed separately for convenient view. The instrument panel of the three-phase station shows the total three-phase current and total power. NT

How Do Different Users Connect To My Charging Station Through APP?
First of all, make sure that no mobile phone is connected to the charging station via Bluetooth. A new user can search for the charging station via Bluetooth and click connect. Then input the correct communication password to use it. The password only needs to be entered once for future use.

The Charging Station Can Be Searched But Not Be Connected
Restart the charging station, or reopen the APP, or try if the phone can be connected to other charging stations. If none of those solve the problem, contact the supplier to check if there is any problem with the communication module of the charging station.

Why The Charging Current Can Not Reach The Maximum Number?
There are 3 factors that determine the actual charging current and they are:
① The max output capacity of the charging station generally includes 6A, 8A, 10A, 13A, 16A, 32A and 63A (3-phase)
② The max rated current of the charging cable generally includes 10A, 16A, 32A and 63A (3-phase)
③ Cars only accept correct rated power, which generally includes 3.3kw (3.5kW), 7kW, 10kW (3-phase), 21kW (3-phase), 42kW (3-phase)
The final charging current is determined by the car based on the above three factors. Generally, the car uses the smallest current among all factors as its maximum charging current.


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Experience the future of EV charging management with EVSEMaster. Take charge of your charging sessions, customize settings, monitor in real-time, and enjoy enhanced security features. Download now to simplify and optimize your electric vehicle charging experience!

How To Start Charging Quickly?

Open the APP and connect the charging plug to the car. Click Start charging on the charging page to start charging. This method is set to be automatic charging.

How to Set Charging Time, Power and Durtion?

Select “Customized Charging”, and then select “Charging Duration” and “Charging Power”. Choose at least one of the two parameters. If you do not have a limit for the charging time or power, set them to 0. “Delay” and “Duration” are to set the starting time. Setting it to 0 means starting immediately, and setting it to other values means how many hours before it starts charging.

Please be noticed that if the app is set to start charging immediately, you need to connect the charging plug to the car before setting. If the app is set to delay charging, you need to connect the charging plug to the car before the start time comes, otherwise the setting will automatically end when the plug is not connected.

Can Charging Records be Deleted, Exported, and Synchronized?

The charging records include my records, all records, and charging statistics. My records refer to the charging records of the APP owner. All records refer to all records on the connected charging station. Charging statistics refer to the iconization of the charging records.

Charging records could be deleted, exportd, and synchronized. To delete is to delete all records recorded by the APP. To export is to convert all records into files and share them through software. To synchronize is to transfer all records on the charging station to the APP.

How to Check The Basic Information of The Charging Station?

You can view it in “About Station”. If the information is not complete, go to “About Station” page again.

How to View The Local User Machine Code in The Charging Record?

Click the user name in the system settings. Then you may see the user’s machine code, which is a 6-digit number.

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