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BESEN BS20 EV Charging Station

3.6kW / 7.2kW / 11kW / 22kW

Home use / Retail & hospitality / Workplaces / Commercial parking

  • Plug & Play / App / Rfid / Dynamic Load Balancing / OCPP
  • CE / FCC / RoHS / ETL / TUV / CSA / UL certification
  • Level 2 EV charging station, 22kW max charging power
  • IP66,IK10,Type A+6mA DC RCD,six-fold electrical protection
  • Compatible with 99% of electric vehicles on the market
  • Easy to install, suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings

Your EV Charging Station Supplier

BESEN’s BS20 EV charging stations are engineered to offer a wide range of features catering to diverse user needs. From Plug & Play functionality to seamless integration with mobile apps, RFID compatibility, dynamic load balancing, and OCPP support, our stations provide the flexibility and convenience you need for hassle-free charging experiences.

These versatile stations are designed for various applications, ranging from private garages to expansive commercial parking lots. They boast strong compatibility with a wide range of electric vehicles, including private cars, fleet vehicles, electric school buses, and electric ambulances, ensuring accessibility for all EV users.

If you have a business or projects that need EV charging stations, you will find the complete line at BESEN. We’ve got the most convenient and multipurpose units!

BS20 Videos

BESEN EV Charging Station Manufacturer


Plug & Play Version

The basic wall-mounted charger is suitable for home use.lt is user-friendly, easy to install,stable in performanceand has a complete protection mechanism. lt is compatible with any electric vehicle.The LCD display canshow the detailed charging status.


App Version

lt is an intelligent wall-mounted charging station, whichcan freely set the charging time and duration, remotecontrol by APP, and can check your charging historydocuments anytime.


Rfid Version

The RFID wall-mounted charging station is suitable for both indoor and outdoor charging. By using our compact RFID card, you can start or stop charging, prevent unauthorized people to use your charging station.


Dynamic Load Balancing Version

Dynamic load balancing safely distributes the energy between an EV and other home appliances. This ensures that when charging a vehicle, you never exceed your home’s maximum power consumption.


Ocpp Version

OCPP is an open-source communication standard for EV charging stations and network software companies. Simply put, any EV charging station that is OCPP-compli-ant can be configured to run any similarly OCPP-compli-ant software.

Why Choose BESEN BS20

Intelligent Chip
Colourful LCD Display
Easy lnstallation
Certified and Quality Guaranteed
IK10 Rating for Durability Against Impacts
Premium Stainless Steel and Aluminum Construction
User-friendly Interface for Easy Operation
Weather-resistant for Outdoor Use
Customization Options Available

Connector and ElectricalInput Voltage / Output VoltageAC 230V/400V
Input Frequency47~63Hz
AC Power Output Rating3.6kW / 7.2kW /11kW / 22kW
Max. Output Current32A
Connector TypeSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/T
Performance and SafetyIngress ProtectionIP66
Impact ProtectionIK10
Electrical ProtectionUnder Voltage Protection / Over Load Protection / Short Circuit Protection / Earth Leakage Protection / Over-temp Protection /Lightning Protection
RCD TypeType A / Type A+6mA DC
Environment Temperature-25°C~55°C
FunctionCurrent AdjustingYes
LED Indicator LightYes
LCD Display Screen3.5-inch Color Display
Mounting MethodWall-Mounted / Ground-mounting Pole
Plug & PlayYes
Dynamic Load BalancingYes

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Know More About BESEN BS20

Global Projects

With a presence in 73 countries and a track record of 26 tailored projects, BESEN is a top brand in the EV charging industry. Our weekly production of 4,000 units meets the global demands of automotive dealers, parts retailers, energy management firms, and real estate developers.

Gallery of BESEN EV charging stations in various countries: Israel, Thailand, Estonia, Russia, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

BESEN EV Charging Station Manufacturing Process

Raw Material Preparation
Cable Cutting
Terminal Crimping
Product Assembly
Product Testing
EV charging station being packaged in a cardboard box for shipping.
Product Packaging
What safety features does the BS20 incorporate?

The BS20 charging station incorporates a range of safety features, including under voltage protection, overload protection, short circuit protection, earth leakage protection, over-temperature protection, and lightning protection. These features ensure safe and reliable charging operations for both the charging station and the electric vehicle.

Is the BS20 customizable?

Yes, the BS20 offers customization options such as branding, color choices, and additional features to suit various needs and preferences. This customization capability allows businesses and individuals to personalize their charging stations according to their branding, design aesthetics, and functional requirements.

What warranty does the BS20 come with?

The BS20 charging station comes with a comprehensive 2-year warranty, providing assurance of reliability and performance. This warranty coverage ensures that customers can use the charging station with confidence, backed by BESEN’s commitment to quality and service.

Can the BS20 be used for commercial applications?

Yes, the BS20 charging station is suitable for a variety of commercial applications, including retail & hospitality, workplaces, and commercial parking facilities. Its versatility and reliability make it an ideal choice for businesses seeking to provide convenient and efficient charging solutions for their customers, employees, or tenants.

What is the input power requirement for the BS20 charging station?

The BS20 charging station typically requires a standard AC power supply, with specific input power requirements detailed in the product documentation. This ensures compatibility with various electrical systems and configurations, making it easy to integrate the charging station into existing infrastructure.

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