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BESEN is dedicated to providing the most suitable EV charging solutions for the hotel industry, catering to the charging needs of parking lots, guest rooms, service fleets, and conference venues. Our solution offers efficient, reliable, and convenient charging services, elevating customer satisfaction and supporting sustainable development for hotels. We will provide customized solutions based on specific requirements and offer comprehensive support and services.

  • BESEN EV charging solution for hospitality
  • BESEN EV charging solution for hospitality

Adaptable Solutions To Meet Your Needs

Elevate your hospitality services to new heights with BESEN’s advanced EV charging solutions. In the hospitality industry, the guest experience is paramount. It’s about providing comfort, convenience, and a home away from home. Now, as electric vehicles become increasingly prevalent, the definition of comfort and convenience is expanding to include access to reliable, easy-to-use EV charging facilities.

Empowering Your Hospitality Services With EV Charging

Enhanced Guest Experience

Offer EV charging services can significantly improve the guest experience, especially for those traveling with electric vehicles.

Competitive Edge

Stand out from competitors by providing innovative and valuable services like EV charging.

Sustainability Goals

Show your commitment to a cleaner environment and sustainability by supporting electric vehicles.

Increased Revenue Streams

Charging services can create an additional revenue stream and increase the time guests spend on your premises.

Positive Brand Image

By offering EV charging, your business is seen as forward-thinking and responsive to customer needs. This can strengthen your brand image and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Partnerships and Local Community Involvement

By offering EV charging, your establishment could form partnerships with EV manufacturers or local environmental groups, boosting your standing in the community and creating additional marketing opportunities.

Get the EV Charging Solutions You Need to Succeed

 We offer state-of-the-art EV charging solutions designed to seamlessly blend into your hospitality services. Our EV chargers are not only reliable and efficient, but they’re also user-friendly, ensuring that your guests can easily recharge their vehicles during their stay.


Comprehensive Solutions

BESEN offers a broad spectrum of EV charging solutions, each designed to cater to the varied needs of the hospitality sector. Understanding that no two businesses are the same, our solutions range from simple, plug-in charging stations suitable for small guesthouses or boutique hotels, to advanced, networked systems ideal for larger establishments like resorts or hotel chains.

For small-scale businesses, our stand-alone charging stations offer a cost-effective and straightforward way to cater to guests with EVs. These stations can be easily installed in your existing parking spaces, providing an essential amenity without significant infrastructure changes.

For larger establishments, our networked charging solutions offer a sophisticated approach to managing EV charging. These systems allow for remote monitoring and management, letting you oversee charging station usage, schedule maintenance, and even allocate charging privileges to specific guests. They can be integrated into your existing energy management systems, allowing you to optimize energy usage across your entire property.


As your business grows, so do your EV charging needs. Our solutions are designed with scalability in mind, accommodating a single charging station to a large network across multiple locations. Regardless of your business size or growth trajectory, BESEN can flexibly scale your charging infrastructure, ensuring you are well-prepared to meet the growing demand for EV charging.

Easy to Use and Maintain

BESEN’s EV charging stations are not just efficient and reliable, but also extremely user-friendly and low maintenance. Our design philosophy places emphasis on simplicity and accessibility, ensuring that your guests, regardless of their technical proficiency, can use our charging stations with ease.

For your guests, clear and intuitive interfaces guide them through the charging process. Instructions are straightforward and easy to understand, eliminating any potential guesswork.

Professional Support

At BESEN, we deeply understand the importance of comprehensive after-sales support. We know that high-quality, professional support services are essential to ensure the smooth operation of your EV charging infrastructure. This is why we offer an extensive range of support services to meet your business’s specific needs.

Our professional support team consists of highly trained, experienced technicians who are adept at solving any issues related to our products. They are committed to providing prompt and effective assistance, helping to minimize any potential downtime and keep your charging stations operating at their peak efficiency.

We provide multiple channels of communication for support, including telephone, email, and even remote assistance for immediate troubleshooting. This way, you can get the help you need whenever you need it, ensuring your EV charging service remains uninterrupted.

Beyond reactive support, we also offer proactive services to maintain the health and longevity of your charging stations. Our team provides routine check-ups, performance analysis, and firmware updates to ensure that your equipment stays up-to-date with the latest features and enhancements.

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