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Low Power(8A-16A)

  • Max 3.6 kW Output Power
  • CE Certification
  • Type A / Type A +6mA RCD

BN20 offers a convenient solution for low-power charging needs. With a maximum output power of 3.6kW and adjustable current settings of 8A, 10A, or 16A, it provides flexibility to suit various charging requirements. Weighing only 3kg, it’s incredibly lightweight and compact, making it easy to handle and minimizing space consumption. Additionally, BN20 ensures reliable quality and high compatibility, all at a competitive price point.

Your Trusted Portable EV Charger Supplier

BESEN portable EV charger stands out for its thoughtful design and exceptional portability, making it an ideal companion for electric vehicle owners. Its sleek and compact design ensures that it’s not only functional but also visually appealing. Its lightweight and easy-to-carry nature means you can take it with you wherever you go, ensuring you have the convenience of charging your EV anytime, anywhere.


Versatile Voltage Compatibility

The BS-BN20 is designed to operate efficiently with a rated voltage of 1100~250V AC (Level 2), accommodating a frequency of 47~63Hz. This flexibility ensures compatibility with a broad range of electrical systems, making it suitable for diverse geographical locations.


Multiple Terminal Connections

It offers a variety of terminal connections, including CEE16A, Schuko, UK, NEMA 5-15, NEMA 6-20, and others. This range of connections caters to different plug types, enhancing the charger’s adaptability to various regions and electric vehicles.

Why Choose BESEN BN20

Single-Phase AC Power Input
Sturdy Shell with IK10 Protection
IP66 Waterproof Performance
CE、RoHS Certificated
LED Indicator
Type A / TypeA+6mA DC RCD

Connector and ElectricalInput Voltage / Output Voltage100~250V AC
Input Frequency47~63Hz
AC Power Output Rating3.6kW
Max. Output Current16A 1 phase
Terminal ConnectionSchuko / UK / CEE / NEMA / AU
Connector TypeSAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, GB/T
Performance and SafetyIngress ProtectionIP66
Impact Protection
Electrical ProtectionUnder Voltage Protection / Over Load Protection / Short Circuit Protection / Earth Leakage Protection / Over-temp Protection /Lightning Protection
RCD TypeType A / Type A+6mA DC
Environment Temperature-25°C~55°C
FunctionCurrent AdjustingYes
LED Indicator LightYes
LCD Display ScreenNo
LCD Touch ScreenNo
Time SettingNo
Time Delay SettingNo
MechnicalDimension(L/W/D)189/66/48 mm

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Know More About BESEN PCD020
How long does it take to charge my electric vehicle with the BN20?

Charging time depends on factors such as the capacity of your vehicle’s battery and the current charge level. However, with its 3.6 kW output, the BN20 offers efficient charging, helping you get back on the road quickly.

Can the BN20 charger be used with both 110V and 220V outlets?

Yes, the BN20 charger features dual voltage compatibility, supporting both 110V and 220V outlets for added convenience.

Does the BN20 charger require any special installation?

No, the BN20 charger is a plug-and-play device, meaning it can be easily connected to any compatible power outlet without the need for complex installation procedures.

What connector options does the BN20 come with?

The BN20 comes with a variety of connector options, including CEE16A, Schuko, and NEMA plugs, ensuring compatibility with different power outlets.

Can the BN20 be used in outdoor settings?

Yes, the BN20 is suitable for outdoor use, providing convenient charging options wherever you are.

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