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Fueling and Convenience Retail

At BESEN, we specialize in providing high-quality, reliable, and advanced EV charging solutions tailored to the needs of fueling and convenience retail businesses. Our charging solutions not only enhance the customer experience by providing fast and convenient charging services, but they also enable businesses to align themselves with the green energy revolution, positively impacting their brand image and reputation.

  • BESEN EV charging solution for fueling and convenience retail
  • BESEN EV charging solution for fueling and convenience retail

Adaptable Solutions To Meet Your Needs

As electric vehicle (EV) adoption continues to grow, so does the demand for accessible and efficient EV charging infrastructure. In response to this evolving landscape, fueling and convenience retail businesses have a golden opportunity to diversify their services, appeal to a broader customer base, and showcase their commitment to sustainable practices.

Offering EV charging facilities can transform the way customers perceive and interact with your business. For EV drivers, the ability to recharge their vehicles while they shop or refuel other vehicles can significantly enhance their retail experience, making your business a preferred choice for both their shopping and charging needs.

Transforming Retail Experiences With EV Charging Solutions

Increased Customer Attraction

Attract a wider range of customers, including those driving EVs, by offering a fast and convenient charging solution.

Boost Sales

Customers will spend more time in your store while their vehicle charges, increasing the potential for additional purchases.

Preparing for the Future

As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to increase, offering EV charging facilities can prepare your business for the future, ensuring you are ready to meet the needs of an expanding customer base.

Enhanced Customer Loyalty

By providing an extra service such as EV charging, you can increase customer loyalty. Customers are more likely to return to a store that offers additional value-added services.

Partnership Opportunities

Businesses offering EV charging can attract partnerships with environmentally-conscious brands, opening up opportunities for co-marketing, events, and other collaborative initiatives.

Government Incentives

Depending on the region, businesses that install EV charging stations may be eligible for grants, tax credits, or other government incentives aimed at promoting sustainable practices.

Get the EV Charging Solutions You Need to Succeed

Transform your fueling and convenience retail business, serve a growing market of EV users, and drive your growth with BESEN’s superior EV charging solutions.

Reliable and Efficient Charging Stations

At BESEN, our top priority is to deliver high-performing EV charging stations that you and your customers can rely on. Our charging stations are designed with cutting-edge technology that ensures consistent, uninterrupted performance, enabling your customers to charge their EVs with ease and efficiency.

Our charging stations are crafted with durability in mind, capable of withstanding various environmental conditions. They’re built to last, reducing the need for frequent replacements and offering long-term reliability that you can count on.

Comprehensive Solutions

At BESEN, we provide a holistic approach to EV charging solutions, covering all aspects from the initial consultation to the final installation and beyond. Our team of experts will work with you to understand your facility’s specific requirements, suggesting the most suitable charging solutions based on your location, usage patterns, and budget.

Convenience Stores

For convenience stores, we provide tailored EV charging solutions. Our charging equipment can be installed at or near convenience stores, offering charging services for EVs. We understand the importance of convenience for customers, and our solutions are designed to provide seamless and hassle-free charging experiences.

Branded Charging Network

We can assist fuel stations and convenience stores in establishing their own branded EV charging network. This involves installing charging stations at multiple locations to create a seamless charging experience network. Our solution can incorporate brand elements. Our goal is to drive customer engagement and increase foot traffic to fuel stations and convenience stores by showcasing their commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.

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