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Auto Dealerships

At BESEN, we understand the unique requirements of auto dealerships in transitioning towards electric vehicle offerings. Our commitment is to deliver unparalleled EV charging solutions that cater to the distinct needs of your dealership. From showcasing the latest EV models to providing efficient charging options for your inventory and customers, our customized charging solutions are designed to enhance your dealership’s operational efficiency, customer experience, and eco-friendly image. With BESEN, empower your dealership to lead the charge in the EV revolution, offering a seamless and sustainable automotive future.

  • BESEN EV charging solution for auto dealerships
  • BESEN EV charging solution for auto dealerships

Adaptable Solutions To Meet Your Needs

At BESEN, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that auto dealerships face in the wake of the electric vehicle revolution. Our purpose-built EV charging solutions are designed to not only cater to your business needs but also to create a more engaging, educational, and comforting environment for your customers. By integrating our advanced EV charging solutions, your dealership can demonstrate its commitment to sustainable transportation, thus building trust and loyalty among prospective customers. Choose BESEN, and equip your dealership with the power to drive the future of transportation.

Boost Your Dealership's Appeal With EV Charging

Enhanced Customer Experience

With the rise of electric vehicles, customers expect auto dealerships to provide EV charging options. By offering an on-site EV charging station, you enhance the overall customer experience and position your dealership as a leader in the EV sector.

Revenue Generation

Depending on the model chosen, dealerships may generate revenue by offering public access to their charging stations when the dealership is closed, effectively transforming the business into a 24/7 operation.

Dealer Reputation

Offering EV charging points not only satisfy customer expectations but also strengthens the dealership’s reputation as an environmentally-friendly and future-focused business.

Attract More Customers

By offering EV charging facilities, your dealership attracts a wider audience, especially the rapidly growing sector of EV owners. It gives potential customers another reason to visit your dealership, increasing the chance of conversions.

Showcase EV Models

Having EV charging facilities right at your dealership allows you to effectively demonstrate the ease of charging and the benefits of owning an EV to prospective customers. It’s a practical way to showcase the convenience of electric vehicles, which can help to increase sales of your EV models.

Future-Proof Your Business

The adoption of electric vehicles is projected to increase exponentially in the coming years. By investing in EV charging infrastructure now, you’re ensuring your dealership remains relevant and competitive in the future automotive market.

Get the EV Charging Solutions You Need to Succeed

Our solutions are flexible and scalable, which means they can easily be adjusted to fit the evolving needs of your business. As the EV market continues to grow, your charging infrastructure can grow with it. This not only assures your readiness to cater to an increasing number of EV customers but also positions your dealership as a forward-thinking entity in the automotive industry.



Exhibition Hall Charging Equipment

BESEN provides EV charging equipment specially designed for automobile dealerships’ exhibition halls. Our charging solutions meet the demands of display vehicles and test-drive EVs. Focused on aesthetics and functionality, our chargers seamlessly blend into the exhibition hall environment, maintaining a professional image.

Sales Vehicle Charging Equipment

We offer EV charging equipment tailored to meet the needs of dealerships’ sales vehicles. Whether stationed in parking areas or other designated locations, our chargers ensure a reliable and efficient charging service for your electric vehicle fleet. Our solutions come with features for easy management and monitoring, ensuring your sales vehicles are always ready to go.

Service Vehicle Charging Equipment

BESEN supplies EV charging equipment designed to meet the specific needs of dealership service vehicles. Installed in service areas or designated spaces, our charging equipment delivers reliable, high-power charging to support your after-sales service efficiency. With an emphasis on charging speed and equipment reliability, our solutions aim to optimize your service operations.

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