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Outdoor EV Charger

BESEN is Your Best Outdoor Electric Car Charger Paterner

Outdoor EV chargers are essential for both residential and commercial settings. BESEN outdoor EV charger is designed to be your dependable charging solution. Crafted with top-notch quality and durability, they’re waterproof and can brave any weather condition, from chilly winters to sizzling summers.

Each charger is RoHS certified, assuring safety and environmental friendliness. We’re dedicated to enhancing our products continuously, ensuring your household enjoys the safest and most eco-conscious EV charging experience.

Why You Need Outdoor EV Charging Stations?

  • Charge your electric vehicle regardless of weather conditions.
  • Install a charger at your preferred location for convenience.
  • Attract eco-conscious customers with reliable charging options.

What Sets Our Outdoor EV Charger Apart?

IP66 Waterproof Rating
Certified for Safety
Eco-Friendly Materials
Smart Charging
  • BESEN outdoor EV charger installed in Italy charging a dark-colored electric car.

Enjoy Your Charging with BESEN Outdoor EV Charging Station

Commerical Outdoor Electric Car Charger

Fast and Reliable EV Charging Solutions

Prepare any location, from public to private, from hotels to workplaces or fleets, with BESEN’s outdoor EV charging stations. Our solutions are fast, reliable, and future-ready, ensuring your business is equipped to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging.

Outdoor Home EV Charging Station

Safe and Convenient Electric Charging Experience

At BESEN, we’re all about making your life easier with our smart outdoor EV charger for home use. Designed with you in mind, our chargers are super simple to set up – just plug and play! Charging your EV at home has never been so effortless and efficient.

Success Case: Outdoor Electric Car Charger in Action

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Customize Your Outdoor EV Charger

Customize your brand’s identity into our design or tailor to your specifications.

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