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Portable EV Charger Mounting Bracket

Compatible with BN20 / PCD020 / PCD030 / PCD032

Transform your BESEN Portable EV Charger into a convenient docking station with the BESEN F01 Wall Mount Bracket. This innovative accessory allows you to seamlessly transition between home charging and on-the-go convenience, providing a hybrid charging lifestyle tailored to your needs.


Space-Efficient Design

Optimize your charging space with the F01 Mounting Bracket, ensuring a safe, organized, and efficient environment for your EV charging needs.


Enhanced Safety

The F01 Mounting Bracket ensures charger security, minimizing damage risks by firmly holding them in place, offering peace of mind and extended device longevity.

Why Choose BESEN F01

Easy Inatallation
Perfect for Any Climate
Solid Metal Material
Can the F01 Mounting Bracket accommodate different BESEN portable EV chargers?

Yes. The F01 Mounting Bracket is meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with a wide range of BESEN chargers. However, to ensure perfect compatibility with your particular charger model, it’s advisable to reach out to our dedicated team before making your purchase.

Does the F01 Mounting Bracket require any special tools for installation?

No, the F01 Mounting Bracket’s installation process is straightforward and does not require any complicated tools, making it accessible to all users.

What types of surfaces can the F01 Mounting Bracket be installed on?

The F01 Mounting Bracket features a versatile installation process that is compatible with various surfaces, offering convenience and flexibility.

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