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Roulez vert program

Home Use:

  1. The provincial government offers a subsidy for purchasing new Level 2 chargers or long-term leasing of new/used Level 2 chargers, which can be combined with municipal subsidies. The same policy applies to the purchase of new and used Electric Vehicles (EVs), including Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs), Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs), and electric motorcycles.
  2. Latest update: November 2, 2023.
  3. Subsidy amount: $600 = $350 for purchase + $250 for installation. The pre-tax amount paid for purchasing and installing the charging station must be at least $600 (discounts are calculated on the discounted price). Costs not included: delivery charges; accessories like mounts, adapters, or covers; spare parts; insurance-related expenses; installation costs refer to the materials and labor for installing the charger itself and necessary electrical infrastructure.
  4. Application deadline: 1. There is no maximum time limit between the purchase of the vehicle and the application for the charging station subsidy, but the applicant must own an EV at the time of applying. 2. The charger must be installed at the time of application. 3. For leases, the installation must be completed after April 28, 2023, and leasing costs incurred.
  5. Installation location: The building where the charging station is installed must be a residence located in the province of Quebec (residents of multi-unit residential buildings are also eligible for the home charging station subsidy).
  6. Applicant eligibility: Residents of Quebec who own an EV can apply (under certain conditions, financial assistance is also provided to businesses, municipal authorities, and Quebec organizations – businesses can apply for the home charging station subsidy for employees who live in eligible buildings and operate company vehicles).
  7. Second-hand EV owners: If you purchase a used EV and the previous owner received a charging station subsidy, the new owner can still apply.
  8. Adding or replacing an EV: If you have already received a home charging station subsidy and purchase a second EV or recently replaced your EV, you are eligible for a subsidy for a second charging station.
  9. Change of location: If you have already received a home charging station subsidy and retained your EV, you cannot apply for a subsidy for a new residence.

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Workplace Use: Options are available for purchasing or leasing charging stations for workplace installation or turnkey charging services. The subsidy allocated per connector or charging station is up to $5,000; there is no limit on the number of installations, and multiple terminals needing joint installation can be combined in a single application. However, the maximum subsidy amount provided per eligible building and per fiscal year (from April 1 to March 31 of the following year) cannot exceed $49,000.

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