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Enhancing Workplace EV Charging Infrastructure with BESEN in Germany


In light of increasing environmental concerns, a leading tech firm headquartered in Berlin decided to promote the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) among its employees as part of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative. This initiative required the installation of durable and reliable EV charging stations at the office premises.

The Challenge

  • An immediate need for durable and reliable EV charging stations as a growing number of employees were transitioning to EVs.
  • Ensuring a smooth installation process with minimal disruption to the company’s operations.
  • Compliance with stringent local and international regulatory standards.

The Selection Process

The tech firm approached a well-regarded local distributor and installer, specialized in EV charging infrastructure. Recognizing the importance of the project, the distributor and installer meticulously evaluated various manufacturers and chose BESEN as their trusted supplier based on its product quality, durability, reliability, and compliance with all relevant safety and technical standards.

The Solution

BESEN supplied a range of EV charging stations, equipped with RFID and app functionalities. These were designed for durability, reliability, and compliance with relevant safety and technical standards. The distributor and installer managed the installation process, ensuring a seamless integration of the charging stations into the company’s existing infrastructure.

The Results

The employees found BESEN’s charging stations incredibly user-friendly and convenient, highlighting the alignment between BESEN’s products and the end-user’s needs.

The distributor and installer received commendations from the tech firm for the seamless installation process and the superior performance of BESEN’s charging stations.

The project was executed in full compliance with all local and international regulatory standards.

The Conclusion

By choosing BESEN’s EV charging solutions, the distributor and installer successfully addressed the tech firm’s challenges, received positive feedback from the end-user, and strengthened their reputation as reliable service providers in the EV charging infrastructure market. This project showcased the suitability of BESEN’s products for various applications, boosting the distributor’s and installer’s confidence in BESEN as a dependable partner.

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