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BESEN electric vehicle charging station with digital display and connected charging plug.
Electric Car Recharge Stations

Here at BESEN, we believe EV charging should be EASY. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering reliable electric car recharge stations to make your charging experience more convenient.

What We Offer?

Tailored Charging Solutions
BESEN Electric vehicle recharge stations designed to reflect your brand for seamless business integration.
Dependable Product Performance
We ensure top-notch performance with premium materials for reliable, worry-free charging stations.
Instant Customer Support
Prompt support available whenever needed for seamless operation of your electric recharge stations.
Black BESEN electric vehicle recharge station against a blue background with CE marking in the lower right corner, Model CC40.
BESEN Electric Vehicle Recharge Station with a digital display showing charging status, Model BS20.
A BESEN electric vehicle recharge station against a plain blue background, Model BS30.
Black BESEN electric vehicle charging station against a blue background with a CE marking in the lower right corner, Model BN30.
A BESEN electric vehicle recharging station with a digital display and attached cable in the foreground, and a white electric car partially visible in the background.

Your BEST Car Recharge Station Supplier

For over a decade, BESEN has led the way in EV charging, catering to all EV types. Our recharge stations for electric cars are designed to empower businesses, making EV operations smoother for dealerships, workplaces, and fleets of any size.

Why Choose BESEN EV Recharge Station?

We offer much charging standards and specifications. And we are sure that all our electric car recharging stations are of the highest quality. We try our best, therefore, that you can attract as many drivers as possible, making sure that all their charging is easy and reliable.

Eco-friendly Material
Made from sustainable materials, reducing environmental impact and promoting green initiatives.
Waterproof Design
Withstands rain and moisture, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance in outdoor settings.
Smat Charging Options
Convenient app control or RFID card swapping for seamless and user-friendly charging experiences.

Charge with BESEN Electric Car Recharge Station

Our car recharge stations cater to a range of scenarios, from home use to commercial and public spaces.

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Speak with our EV charging specialists to assess your needs and find your perfect solution.

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