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BESEN Supports A Canadian Clinic Towards Sustainable Future

Background Of EV Charging For The Clinic In Canada

A renowned medical institution in Canada specializing in holistic health and green medical practices, has been providing comprehensive medical services, health solutions, and innovative treatments for the past 30 years. Combining modern medical technology with natural therapies, their medical team is dedicated to delivering high-quality healthcare and health solutions. The clinic is also committed to overall health and environmental sustainability.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable transportation and considering the strong advocacy for sustainable travel in recent years, the clinic’s management decided to install electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in their parking lot. This initiative aims to offer patients, staff, and visitors a more convenient and environmentally friendly transportation option.

According to an internal survey conducted by the clinic, over 40% of the staff already use electric vehicles, and there is a continuous increase in electric vehicle users among patients and visitors. To meet this growing demand and align with the clinic’s commitment to holistic health, they decided to purchase a batch of EV charging stations to support eco-friendly travel and a healthy lifestyle.

Challenges Faced By The Clinic’s Outdoor Parking Lot

The clinic only has an outdoor parking lot, so the charging facilities need to strictly adhere to safety standards and have waterproof features to withstand the impact of rain and snow.

“We hope the newly purchased charging stations won’t take up too much space because our parking lot is indeed quite limited. This way, we can more conveniently provide charging services to patients and staff coming to the clinic without causing a significant impact on parking.” Simon said, the parking lot manager at the clinic.

This way, we can more conveniently provide charging services to patients and staff coming to the clinic without causing a significant impact on parking.” Simon said, the parking lot manager at the clinic.

The Selection Process Of The Partner

As the clinic actively sought electric vehicle charging solutions, they initially engaged in deep discussions with local dealers. Through the dealer’s recommendation, the clinic learned that BESEN is a well-known supplier in the field of electric vehicle charging equipment. Meanwhile, BESEN’s focus on sustainable development aligned well with the clinic’s values, laying a solid foundation for collaboration.

To ensure that BESEN’s products met the clinic’s requirements, BESEN provided samples for the clinic to test. The clinic’s management team conducted rigorous testing of these samples, including a comprehensive evaluation of their stability, charging speed, and adaptability to different weather conditions. After thorough testing and assessment, the clinic was highly satisfied with BESEN’s product performance, confident that these products fully met their needs.

BESEN EV Charging Solution For This Clinic

BESEN offered a customized solution for the clinic to meet its charging equipment requirements. Firstly, to address Canada’s variable weather conditions, BESEN provided waterproof charging stations, ensuring stable operation of the equipment in harsh weather. These charging stations were carefully designed for waterproofing, meeting protection standards of up to IP66, effectively resisting common rain and snow in the region, and ensuring the safe and stable operation of the equipment.

In addition, BESEN charging stations are intricately designed, occupying minimal parking space and providing greater flexibility to the parking lot. This thoughtful design not only allows the charging stations to fit within the confines of a limited parking area but also ensures users experience maximum convenience when parking and utilizing the charging services.

Results And Impact Of The Collaboration

BESEN’s solution achieved stable and efficient operation of the charging equipment, addressing the stability challenges of the equipment in rainy and snowy weather in the region. This added a new level of security to the overall operation of the clinic, providing more environmentally friendly and sustainable services, and further establishing its leadership in the field of sustainable medical services.

Patients, staff, and visitors expressed high satisfaction with BESEN’s charging equipment, finding them extremely user-friendly. This improvement not only increased the clinic’s facility satisfaction but also encouraged more patients and staff to choose electric vehicles, supporting the vision of sustainable travel.


This collaboration demonstrates the shared commitment of the clinic and BESEN to promoting sustainable travel. BESEN provided a practical solution, addressing challenges related to climate conditions and access management for the clinic. The stability, safety, and effectiveness of the clinic’s charging equipment have greatly improved, meeting the needs of patients, staff, and visitors. BESEN commits to continuing to monitor the usage of the clinic’s charging equipment and providing necessary technical support to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the equipment.

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