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BESEN: Revolutionizing Sustainable Hospitality With EV Charging Solutions

The Background Of A Hospitality in the United States

The principles of sustainability and environmental practices are seeping into various industries. Over 20 years ago, a group of like-minded investors founded a hotel on the East Coast of the United States. The hotel is situated along the scenic coastline and bears witness to warm hospitality and timeless charm. From humble beginnings, it evolved into an outstanding establishment known for its unwavering commitment to exceptional service and guest satisfaction.

Locally recognized for its environmental initiatives, the hotel employs water-saving devices, advocates responsible water usage, and implements a water recycling system to reduce consumption. As an accommodation provider, the hotel prioritizes waste management and resource utilization, actively engaging in recycling paper, plastics, and various materials, contributing significantly to environmental sustainability. With an increasing influx of guests driving electric vehicles for their stays and travels, they recognized the necessity of integrating electric vehicle charging facilities.

The Challenge For Hospitality EV Charging Project

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the hotel aimed to support the use of electric vehicles (EVs) by staff and customers. The challenge lies in establishing comprehensive and convenient EV charging infrastructure within the hotel premises to meet the charging needs of different EV brands and encourage their use.

Charging stations require regular maintenance and management to ensure smooth operation and safety, thus incurring dedicated personnel and operational costs. Proper training for hotel staff and visitors on the correct use of charging stations and adherence to safety protocols was crucial.

The Selection Process For Hospitality EV Charging Project Partner

To address these challenges, the hotel initiated a comprehensive screening process. They compared and screened manufacturers on Alibaba’s international platform, ultimately selecting three suitable suppliers, including BESEN. The hotel’s procurement team reviewed BESEN’s website, discovering their extensive experience in 26 custom charging projects and confirming their expertise in EV charging solutions.

Simultaneously, they collaborated with local EV charging infrastructure experts to assess various charging technologies’ scalability, efficiency, and compatibility with different EV models. User convenience took precedence in the selection process to ensure seamless integration of the charging stations with the hotel’s existing infrastructure. After careful consideration, BESEN emerged as the final partner.

The EV Charging Solution For Hospitality Project

To address the hotel’s EV charging needs, BESEN provided a tailored solution. Considering the hotel’s limited staff and mainly visitor-oriented service, BESEN chose the basic EV charging stations that hang on walls, featuring buttons on the right side for easy operation, including start, stop, and emergency functions. Charging information is displayed directly on the wall-mounted screen, ensuring user-friendly interaction. These charging piles include over-voltage protection and real-time temperature monitoring. They also have Type A+6MA DC leakage protection, providing safe and reliable charging.

Considering local power facility conditions and visitor traffic at the hotel, BESEN deployed a series of EV charging stations within parking facilities. The number and placement of these stations were carefully considered to facilitate use by hotel staff, patients, and visitors. These stations employ the latest charging technology to provide fast and reliable charging for various EV models. Additionally, BESEN offers comprehensive technical support to promptly address any issues or malfunctions with the charging piles, ensuring the hotel’s charging project’s smooth operation and service provision.

The Results

“Choosing to collaborate with BESEN is an important step towards a green path.” remarked the hotel’s representative, Mr. C, about the partnership. The collaboration between this East Coast hotel and BESEN in introducing EV charging stations has been remarkably successful. Within less than a year, increasing employees and customers have begun utilizing this convenient and user-friendly charging infrastructure, providing positive feedback.

The use of charging stations by electric vehicles within the hotel has notably increased, contributing to emission reduction and driving sustainable transportation within the community. This initiative is seen locally as a leader in environmental protection and sustainable green concepts.


This case demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to sustainability and innovation through its collaboration with BESEN, showcasing the implementation of EV charging infrastructure. It successfully overcame challenges in establishing a comprehensive charging network, encouraging stakeholders to use electric vehicles. This aligns with its sustainability goals and creates a cleaner, greener environment within and around the hotel.

Such practices help position the hotel as a leader in sustainable development and environmental practices within the hospitality industry, setting an example and demonstrating the positive impact of integrating innovative solutions towards a more environmentally friendly and healthier future.

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