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BESEN Provides Smart EV Charging For New Construction

Background Of The New Construction

A recently constructed parking structure in the United States stands as the latest achievement for a local business park developer. Embracing the vision of creating a future-proof, intelligent, and sustainable working environment, the park has attracted numerous technology companies. With a growing workforce and an increasing focus on sustainable transportation, the developer swiftly decided to install advanced electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in the new parking structure to meet the rising demand from EV drivers.

Internal surveys revealed that over 35% of the park’s employees either already owned electric vehicles or expressed a keen interest in purchasing one. Providing EV charging infrastructure for this demographic not only offers greater convenience but also enhances their willingness to opt for electric vehicles.

Throughout, the developer have been actively promoting sustainable development goals, including reducing carbon footprints and advocating for environmentally friendly transportation. By installing electric vehicle charging stations in parking structures, they can not only provide practical solutions but also attract more technology companies and innovative enterprises to settle in.

Challenges Faced By The Developer

For the developer of this technology park, selecting an ideal charging station supplier involves a series of complex considerations. One of the primary challenges is ensuring that the charging station manufacturer has extensive experience. In the realm of electric vehicle charging infrastructure, experienced suppliers typically bring a wealth of background and successful case studies, crucial for the smooth implementation and operation of the project.

Safety is another paramount concern for the developer, aiming for charging stations that comply with international safety certification standards to ensure no safety hazards during usage while safeguarding both users and facilities.

The Selection Process Of The Ideal Partner

The developer first became aware of BESEN’s existence through participation in a trade show. At the event, BESEN showcased its latest EV charging station products and provided detailed technical information, capturing the attention of the business park developer. Subsequently, they experienced BESEN EV charging station samples and engaged in face-to-face discussions with the BESEN team, gaining an intuitive understanding of the product’s quality and technical expertise.

Following this, the developer conducted a thorough examination of BESEN past projects. They reviewed BESEN case studies, learning that BESEN boasts 13 years of rich experience in the electric vehicle charging infrastructure field. Additionally, They found that BESEN has successfully provided efficient and reliable charging solutions for multiple enterprises.

The developer then initiated preliminary contact with BESEN, providing detailed project requirements, including the number of charging stations, customization design requirements, and safety standards. BESEN team promptly responded, engaging in detailed discussions via phone and email.

BESEN EV Charging Solution

To meet the unique requirements of the new parking structure project, BESEN introduced an innovative electric vehicle charging solution. This solution not only adheres to international safety certification standards but also integrates advanced technology, providing users with a more intelligent and convenient charging experience.

BESEN EV charging solution for the business park is their charging stations equipped with an intelligent mobile application. This technology allows users to effortlessly control the charging process through their smartphones, enhancing the overall user charging experience. Through the mobile app, users can monitor real-time charging status and set charging schedules, offering more flexible options for personalized needs.

Results Of The Collaboration

BESEN electric vehicle charging solution brought significant results and multiple benefits for the business park developer. Drivers now enjoy a superior charging experience, and using the charging facilities has become extremely convenient. Additionally, the collaboration not only increased the utilization rate of the EV charging facilities but also deepened drivers’ understanding of electric vehicle technology and strengthened awareness of sustainable travel.

“This is our first collaboration with BESEN, and their solution exceeded our expectations. The innovative design of the EV charging station and user-friendly features left a profound impression on us. We look forward to maintaining a long-term partnership with BESEN, confident in their commitment to excellence and continuous innovation.” — Max, Developer Manager


This collaboration is a win-win opportunity. The electric vehicle charging solution we provided has received positive feedback, fully meeting the unique needs of our client. We take pride in contributing to the sustainable future of the business park. BESEN solemnly commits to providing ongoing technical support to ensure the stable operation of our EV charging stations. We look forward to future collaborations to further drive innovation in electric vehicle charging technology and make a greater contribution to creating a more intelligent and sustainable working environment.

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