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BESEN Powers Green Future For Renewable Energy Company

Background Of The Renewable Energy Company

Founded in 2005, this Norwegian renewable energy company operates in various fields such as solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, and bioenergy. Committed to providing clean and sustainable energy solutions, the company’s mission is to drive the realization of a more environmentally friendly and sustainable energy future through innovation and cutting-edge technology.

As part of their corporate social responsibility, the company has consistently sought environmentally friendly practices, including reducing carbon footprints and supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. In response to the Norwegian government’s sustainable environmental initiatives, the company decided to install electric vehicle charging stations in its parking lot, encouraging employees and visitors to use electric vehicles and laying the foundation for a sustainable future.

Recognizing the rise of electric vehicles as a crucial component of future sustainable transportation, Sam, one of the company’s leaders, stated, “We hope to encourage our employees and visitors to use electric vehicles, anticipating a substantial contribution to a sustainable future. By providing convenient charging facilities, we not only offer more choices but also demonstrate our commitment to promoting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and renewable energy.”

Challenges Faced By The Company

Installing electric vehicle charging stations in the company’s parking lot presented a series of challenges, with strict requirements for the material selection and compatibility with multiple vehicle models. The management team insisted on environmentally friendly materials to minimize the impact on nature during the production and use of the charging stations, specifying the use of renewable and recyclable materials.

They also realized that employees and visitors might drive different brands and models of electric vehicles. Therefore, the charging stations had to have broad compatibility to meet the charging needs of various electric vehicles, ensuring compatibility with charging plugs and interfaces of all major electric vehicle brands, whether it be Tesla, Nissan, BMW, or other manufacturers.

Selection Process Of The Ideal Partner

The company’s management team conducted thorough market research before initiating the project. They extensively gathered information on various suppliers, including their product quality, sustainability practices, technical specifications, and previous collaboration cases. During this phase, BESEN stood out, drawing significant attention due to its outstanding reputation, environmentally friendly product design, and extensive experience in the field of electric vehicle charging.

Contacting BESEN through their official website, the management team engaged in in-depth communication, including multiple meetings to clarify their needs and expectations. As a preparation for future collaboration, they requested and received samples of BESEN charging stations to personally experience the quality and functionality. After a detailed evaluation, confirming that BESEN charging stations met their requirements, the two companies proceeded to in-depth discussions for collaboration.

BESEN EV Charging Solution For The Company

BESEN suggested their EV charging stations with mobile APP, allowing employees and visitors to easily control and monitor the charging station’s status. Through the app, users can schedule charging times, set charging power, and even control the start or stop of the charging process, maximizing the efficiency of the charging stations. This kind of EV charging station created an intelligent and convenient charging experience for the company, aligning well with the core value of sustainability.

In terms of material selection, BESEN insisted on using environmentally friendly recyclable materials, ensuring minimal environmental impact during the manufacturing and use of the charging stations. In addition, the charging station’s outer casing is made of high-quality materials, providing excellent durability. This allows it to withstand extreme weather conditions in regions like Norway, Iceland, and Canada, ensuring long-term stable operation. BESEN charging station design also considered the diverse brands and models of electric vehicles, with wide compatibility for most electric vehicle brands on the market.

Results And Impacts Of This Collaboration

Employees and visitors of the energy company can now enjoy the significant convenience brought by the intelligent APP-controlled charging process, greatly increasing employee satisfaction and enhancing the company’s image in terms of employee welfare. This collaboration has established a green image for the company, conveying their firm commitment to sustainable development to employees, partners, and the broader society.

Sam expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “BESEN EV charging solution exceeded our expectations. They not only met our environmental standards but also enhanced the user experience through the intelligent app. Their professional team provided excellent support, and this collaboration holds profound significance for the company’s sustainable development.”


The successful collaboration between BESEN and the Norwegian renewable energy company fulfills the company’s commitment to sustainability, achieving a leading position in the industry in terms of technology and service. BESEN EV charging stations with mobile APP provide users with unprecedented charging convenience, with features such as scheduling, setting, and remote control at their fingertips. Parking lot management has become more efficient, and employee satisfaction has significantly increased. This collaboration not only innovates in charging facilities but also paints a bright picture for the future of sustainable transportation.

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