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BESEN Partners With Parking Operator for Green EV Charging

Background Of EV Charging Project For Parking Operator

As one of the world’s most developed countries, the United States boasts numerous urban office buildings, especially in the highly economically developed Western region. These dynamic office buildings range in office space from a few hundred square meters to several million square meters. Against this backdrop, a parking lot operator manages parking lots for around a dozen mid-sized office buildings, each capable of accommodating 100 to 500 vehicles.

With increasing societal and governmental focus on environmental protection, many cities and states have initiated sustainability campaigns to encourage environmentally friendly actions in daily life. Governments are also consistently introducing policies to promote the development of electric vehicles (EVs) and their charging infrastructure.

As awareness of environmental protection grows among employees and businesses, an increasing number of employees and visitors are opting for electric vehicles as their daily commuting choice. Consequently, there is a rising demand for convenient and efficient electric vehicle charging infrastructure in office building parking lots. Recognizing this trend, the operator swiftly took action. They introduced a comprehensive electric vehicle charging solution in the office parking lots they manage, catering not only to market demands but also aligning with the company’s sustainability objectives and federal environmental policies.

This change not only elevated the service levels of the parking lots but also demonstrated the operator’s foresight regarding future trends and commitment to ecological conservation.

The Challenges For Parking Operator EV Charging Project

One of the primary challenges facing parking lot operators is upgrading existing infrastructure to accommodate the needs of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. This challenge is particularly evident in older office buildings, as they often need to be designed with electric vehicle charging in mind. As a result, operators must devise suitable charging solutions tailored to specific regions and office buildings while ensuring compliance with local building and electrical regulations.

Financial challenges are also a concern, as the initial installation cost of EV charging stations can be substantial. Despite state and federal incentives aimed at alleviating some of these costs, operators must assess multiple solutions to determine the most cost-effective approach. Additionally, ongoing operational costs such as maintenance, power supply, and future technological upgrades must be considered to accommodate technological advancements and growing market demands. Operators need to strike a balance between upgrade costs and potential benefits while delivering higher value to building tenants.

Considering the commuting charging needs of office building employees, operators should provide user-friendly, reliable, and efficient charging services that meet the expectations and requirements of EV drivers.

The Selection Process For Parking Operator EV Charging Project

A reliable partner marks the initial step towards green sustainability. Following recommendations from local construction companies and a comprehensive evaluation, the parking lot operator decided to collaborate with BESEN to introduce electric vehicle charging facilities. With over 13 years of expertise in the field of electric vehicle charging, BESEN gained the operator’s trust.

The operator received sample charging stations from BESEN and rigorously tested them under actual conditions. These charging facilities excelled in tests for waterproofing, dust resistance, and stability. They feature comprehensive safety measures to monitor charging status in real-time, ensuring vehicle and infrastructure safety during extended charging periods without burdening the parking lot’s electrical system. Furthermore, the product includes an automatic fault repair function, contributing to smooth operation and reduced maintenance costs.

The EV Charging Solution For Parking Operator

To cater to operators managing multiple office building parking lots, BESEN provides an APP-enabled charging port solution. This innovative system allows users to connect, control, and monitor the charging port by downloading BESEN’s dedicated software. Through the software, users can initiate, schedule, pause, or halt charging sessions, adjust current levels, monitor temperature, and access charging data. This capability significantly streamlines intelligent charging management for office workers during their work hours.

Moreover, BESEN seamlessly integrates with existing electrical infrastructure in parking lots, offering comprehensive installation guidelines and robust technical support. This ensures that installation personnel can efficiently conduct installations, mitigate errors, and reduce costs throughout the process. BESEN’s EV charging solution precisely addresses the charging requirements of parking lots and associated businesses, delivering convenient and dependable charging services.

The Results

Since the introduction of electric vehicle charging facilities, the parking lot operator has received high praise from numerous office building tenants. They have expressed appreciation for the attentive service provided by the operator, significantly enhancing the user experience for businesses and employees in the building, making it the preferred choice for convenient and sustainable urban mobility solutions.

This initiative not only enhances convenience but also contributes to promoting a green society, embodying the concept of sustainable development and effectively driving electric vehicle adoption.


By selecting BESEN as the manufacturer, this parking lot operator in the western United States has not only acquired a comprehensive electric vehicle charging solution that effectively addresses various challenges but has also established a significant position at the intersection of parking facilities and electric vehicles.

As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, the operator aptly demonstrates the potential for parking facilities to evolve into comprehensive urban transportation hubs, providing holistic and convenient solutions. With a focus on continual innovation and adaptability, the operator is poised to continue shaping the future of parking and electric vehicle services in the western United States.

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