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BESEN Portable EV Chargers: Shaping A Greener Tomorrow For Fleet

Background Of The Fleet In Estonia

Since its establishment in 2008, an Estonian fleet management company has been dedicated to providing innovative and efficient commercial transportation solutions. Responding to the worldwide call for sustainable travel, the company has proactively implemented measures in recent years to shift its fleet primarily to electric vehicles (EVs). Currently, over 65% of the company’s fleet consists of electric vehicles, showcasing their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Due to the diversity of their operations and changing demands, the company required flexible charging solutions. While Charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) were initially installed at the company’s headquarters and key charging points. However, a pressing requirement emerged for enhanced mobility and portability, particularly in temporary parking areas or remote locations. To overcome this challenge, the fleet decided to purchase a batch of portable electric vehicle chargers.

Challenges Faced By The Fleet Management Company

The fleet operates in diverse environments, including temporary outdoor work sites, forestry areas, and regions potentially affected by adverse weather conditions. Therefore, EV Chargers must be dustproof and waterproof to ensure stable operation in various environments. Even during harsh winter conditions, the equipment must deliver dependable EV charging services to guarantee the efficient operation of vehicles.

Operating in diverse locations beyond headquarters or primary charging points, the fleet necessitates EV chargers that are highly flexible and portable. These EV chargers must facilitate easy transportation to various destinations, whether situated in city centers or remote areas. The flexibility and portability of the EV chargers are essential to meet the dynamic demands of the fleet’s operations.

Choosing An Electric Vehicle Charging Partner

The company conducted a thorough online investigation of portable EV chargers, exploring BESEN website to understand their outstanding performance in providing efficient and innovative EV charging solutions. The fleet’s technical team engaged in multiple online communications with BESEN, including emails, phone calls, and video conferences.

BESEN team patiently listened to the company’s specific needs and challenges, provided corresponding EV charging solutions, and explained the technical specifications and performance of their products. Based on this, BESEN provided the EV charger sample for the fleet to test its performance, including reliability testing in low-temperature environments.

The company comprehensively evaluated the sample and verified their adaptability in various environments through practical testing. After detailed product demonstrations and technical consultations, the fleet considered BESEN to meet their requirements and ultimately chose BESEN as the supplier of portable electric vehicle chargers.

Customized Charging Solution By BESEN For The Fleet

BESEN offered an innovative and practical 8.8KW portable EV charger tailored to the fleet’s needs. This charger has IP66-level waterproof and dustproof performance, ensuring stable operation in wet and rainy weather conditions.

Its cold resistance guarantees a dependable charging experience, even in frigid winter conditions, withstanding temperatures as low as -30℃.  Additionally, these chargers feature an LCD screen for easy monitoring of the charging process and real-time current information. This enables drivers to gain a clear understanding of the charging status, facilitating effective management and planning of charging needs.

This EV charging solution emphasizes portability and user-friendliness, designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, catering to the fleet’s needs. Drivers can initiate the charging process with simple operations, without any complex settings or technical knowledge. Furthermore, BESEN offers comprehensive product manuals and technical support, ensuring that the fleet fully understands the operation and maintenance of the charger.

Results Of The Collaboration

“We just need to stow these chargers in the trunk, and when we need to charge, it’s a breeze to set up. This not only streamlines the entire charging process, eliminating cumbersome steps, but also eradicates concerns about the vehicle running out of power suddenly. This is crucial for drivers who are frequently on the road.” Tõnis, Fleet Driver.

BESEN EV charging solution has brought significant benefits. As the number of electric vehicles continues to increase, the business demands of the fleet management company also grow. BESEN EV chargers ensure that the fleet can meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging, providing greater flexibility and the ability to expand business operations. This can help the company improve their operational efficiency, and maintain its leading position in an increasingly competitive market.


The collaboration between BESEN and the Estonian fleet management company is not just a business partnership but a shared commitment to driving innovation in the electric vehicle industry. BESEN is dedicated to supporting the company’s growth, providing future-oriented solutions that meet the evolving needs of the fleet industry.

This collaboration not only advances the company’s sustainability goals but also sets an example for the entire industry, guiding fleets toward a more environmentally friendly future. BESEN EV charging solution can offer fleets a reliable and flexible charging experience, providing strong support for the widespread adoption and development of electric vehicles.

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