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BESEN Empowers The Auto Dealership With Innovative EV Charging Experience

Background Of The Auto Dealership

Established in 2010, this auto dealership in Finland offers a comprehensive range of vehicles, from family cars to commercial vehicles, providing customers with exceptional driving experiences at competitive prices. While they excel in selling traditional fuel vehicles, they are also actively exploring the electric vehicle (EV) domain. Committed to providing the latest technology and cutting-edge driving experiences, the dealership acknowledged the importance of meeting customer demands. This included catering to the growing interest in eco-friendly and future-oriented travel options as electric cars gained popularity.

According to recent market research, over 80% of electric car buyers consider experiencing the entire charging process during the purchase to be a primary reason for choosing electric vehicles. With a focus on enhancing customer experience and making the car-buying process more enjoyable and convenient, the dealership decided to install EV charging stations in their showroom.

This allows customers to witness the electric car charging process firsthand, emphasizing the dealership’s commitment to sustainable travel and bringing them closer to their customers. Therefore, they decided to purchase a set of charging stations to allow customers to explore the battery charging technology of the cars.

Challenges Faced By The Dealership

Facing limited showroom space posed challenges for the dealership. The primary challenge was how to cleverly arrange the layout of charging stations. This was to provide sufficient charging services without compromising the aesthetic appeal and arrangement of the showroom. This necessitated choosing a charging station with a sleek, compact design that seamlessly integrates into the overall showroom design, offering customers a complete electric vehicle charging experience.

To ensure effortless use of the charging stations, the charging process had to be straightforward, without the need for intricate settings or additional learning. The dealership aimed for a plug-and-play solution where customers could simply experience the charging process without complicated steps or technical knowledge.

Selection Process For EV Charging Partner

The dealership sought advice from industry experts to find a supplier with extensive experience in electric vehicle charging solutions. Many experts recommended BESEN, highlighting their outstanding performance in delivering advanced and reliable Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) solutions. Influenced by these recommendations, the dealership visited BESEN official website, gathered more information about the company, and left detailed requirements.

BESEN professional team promptly responded to the dealership’s inquiries, engaging in detailed discussions over phone calls and emails to understand their needs and provide information on product features and technical specifications. After initial communication, the dealership expressed the desire to further explore BESEN charging station samples through a site visit.

BESEN warmly welcomed their visit and showcased their samples of charging stations to them. During this process, the dealership paid particular attention to the design, dimensions, and ease of operation of the charging stations. The dealership was deeply impressed with BESEN products, believing that BESEN charging stations are not only cleverly designed and space-efficient but also easy to operate, fully meeting their requirements. Consequently, they ultimately decided to choose BESEN as their supplier for electric vehicle charging stations.

BESEN Professional Charging Solution For The Dealership

In response to the customer’s needs, BESEN came through with a smart suggestion: their basic Plug and Play charging stations. These stations boast a sleek wall-mounted design, a game-changer for optimizing showroom real estate. By affixing the charging stations directly to the showroom walls, floor space is left untouched while guaranteeing stability and safety.

This solution perfectly aligned with the dealership’s spatial layout preferences, ensuring ample charging services without sacrificing the visual charm and layout of the displayed vehicles. What’s more, the wall-mounted design ups the visibility of the charging stations, enticing more customers to dive into the world of electric vehicles and partake in the convenient charging services.

Furthermore, the charging station’s design is simple and extremely user-friendly, achieving a true plug-and-play experience. Customers only need to press the side button of the charging station, and the charging process will start, without any complicated settings or additional learning required. This design allows customers to effortlessly and conveniently experience the electric vehicle charging process in the showroom, gaining a deeper understanding of its advantages.

Results Of The Collaboration

The basic Plug and Play charging station from BESEN significantly improves the dealer’s ability to offer customers an intuitive experience during the electric vehicle charging process. It also deepens their understanding of electric vehicle technology. This simplified operational approach effectively lowered the technical barriers during the car-buying process, opening the door for more customers to experience electric vehicles. By directly installing the charging stations on the showroom walls, the challenge of limited showroom space was addressed, providing the dealership with more flexibility in showcasing electric vehicles and creating a more attractive display environment for customers.

Most importantly, this solution greatly boosted electric vehicle sales. Customers in the showroom could directly witness the electric vehicle charging process, enhancing their awareness of eco-friendly and smart technology, making them more likely to choose electric vehicles. Consequently, the dealership improved its brand image and visibility.


The effects of this collaboration go beyond improving sales figures; it has established a long-term strategic partnership. BESEN looks forward to continuing deep collaboration with the auto dealership, jointly driving innovation in the electric vehicle field. We remain committed to providing customers with more intelligent, convenient, and environmentally friendly charging solutions, promoting a lifestyle of sustainable travel. BESEN firmly believes that through continuous innovation and collaboration, we can collectively create a greener and smarter future for the automotive industry.

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