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A Success Story Of The Shopping Center Upgrade With BESEN

Background Of The Shopping Center In France

This French shopping center is a major retail and leisure destination in the region, boasting over 60 shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities, attracting nearly one million visitors annually. Against the backdrop of the global rise in environmental awareness, the shopping center recognizes the responsibility of business entities to lead in environmental protection, beyond providing goods and services.

In recent years, the shopping center has observed a growing number of visitors opting to drive electric vehicles for shopping, and these visitors require charging facilities for their vehicles during their stay. According to internal surveys, it is anticipated that over 30% of visitors will choose to drive electric cars for shopping in the next five years. To meet this demand, the shopping center has installed charging stations in its parking lot, and this demand is expected to continue growing.

However, due to prolonged use and the impact of outdoor parking conditions, signs of aging have appeared in the EV charging cables. To ensure the normal and safe operation of charging stations, the shopping center now needs to reorder a new batch of charging cables.

Challenges In EV Charging Solution Implementation

The installation of charging stations in the shopping center’s parking lot is a crucial step, but it comes with the challenge of ensuring that the newly purchased charging cables are fully compatible with the existing charging stations. This requires the new cables not only to adapt to various models of electric vehicles but also to ensure a secure and reliable connection with the existing charging stations.

Another key challenge is to ensure the robust durability of the charging cables. Considering the outdoor environment of the shopping center’s parking lot, the new charging cables must withstand various weather conditions, including exposure to sunlight and potential temperature changes. These cables need to have high durability to ensure stability and reliability over many years of use, providing visitors with a continuous and efficient charging experience.

Selection Process For EV Charging Partner

During the shopping center’s decision-making process to update the charging cables to match the existing charging stations, they made a careful selection. The shopping center first gathered information from different sources, conducted market research, and evaluated various suppliers. They learned that BESEN, as a professional supplier of electric vehicle charging products, had a good reputation and extensive experience in the industry.

The management team of the shopping center actively sought industry references and recommendations, delving into BESEN’s product information, technical specifications, and previous collaboration cases. Upon confirming that BESEN’s products could seamlessly integrate with the existing charging stations and possess the capability to adapt to different vehicle models, the shopping center proceeded with collaboration. Through online meetings with BESEN, they extensively discussed specific implementation plans to ensure that the charging cables fully met the requirements.

In the end, the management team chose BESEN as the supplier because of their professionalism, the outstanding performance of their products, and the provision of a personalized solution that aligned with the shopping center’s needs.

Comprehensive EV Charging Solution By BESEN

BESEN provided custom three-phase charging cables for the shopping center’s existing charging stations, fully compatible with the current facilities. These cables use high-quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, exhibiting excellent durability and anti-aging characteristics, enabling normal use within a wide temperature range of -30°C to 70°C. This ensures that the cables can adapt to various weather conditions in the shopping center’s outdoor parking lot.

In addition to the high-quality materials of the cables, BESEN also offered comprehensive technical support to ensure the smooth operation of the shopping center’s charging facilities. For this purpose, they provided detailed product manuals and usage guidelines, enabling shopping center staff to accurately and safely install and use the cables. This series of support measures aims to guarantee the normal operation of the charging stations, improving the overall efficiency and reliability of the shopping center’s electric vehicle charging service.

Results Of BESEN EV Charging Solution

The newly installed charging cables are fully compatible with the shopping center’s existing charging stations, meeting diverse charging needs and providing customers with more convenient and efficient charging services. This has not only enhanced the customer shopping experience but has also effectively increased visitor loyalty.

After a period of practical use, these cables continue to provide reliable charging services within the normal range. Even under prolonged exposure to sunlight, there are no signs of cracks or damage, fully demonstrating their outstanding durability and anti-aging performance. The shopping center’s management team expressed satisfaction with BESEN’s solution and praised their efficient service in technical support.

The Conclusion

The collaboration with BESEN has brought significant benefits to the shopping center, addressing various challenges. It has actively contributed to improving customer satisfaction, creating sustainable value, and promoting environmental awareness. This successful partnership not only enhances the shopping center’s charging facilities but also sets a new benchmark for environmentally sustainable development, paving the way for future innovation and collaboration.

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