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BESEN BS30 EV charger mounted on a wall beside parked electric vehicles.
22kW EV Charger for Home and Commerical
Designed for speed, reliability, and ease of use, our charger is perfect for both home and business.

Faster charging with BESEN 22kW Electric Car Charger

Many EV drivers and businesses seek a faster charging solution. The BESEN 22kW EV Charger offers a charging speed that is 5-6 times faster than conventional level 2 EV chargers. This increased speed is due to its higher power output, which allows it to deliver more electricity to your vehicle in a shorter period. With this powerful charger, you can charge your electric vehicle in just 3-5 hours, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum convenience.

What EVs Can Use the BESEN 22kW EV Charger?

The BESEN 22kW EV Charger is designed to be highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles. Whether you drive a compact EV or a luxury electric SUV, our 22kW charger can handle it.

Most modern EVs, including models from top manufacturers like Tesla, BMW, Nissan, Audi, and Volkswagen, support 22kW AC charging.

Several electric cars parked in a lot, connected to BESEN 22 kW electric car chargers mounted on a white wall.
Four BESEN EV chargers in different colors (green, blue, white, and black), displayed in a row against a white background.

Custom Your 22kW AC Charger

Charging Features: Select chargers with plug-and-play setup, app control, RFID access, OCPP compatibility, and dynamic load balancing to suit your needs.

Logo Customization: Personalize your charger by adding your logo to the unit or cable, boosting your brand’s visibility.

Variable Power Output: Choose from power outputs ranging from 3.6kW to 22kW, providing flexibility to match your specific charging requirements.

Color Options: Customize the charger’s color to complement your branding or environment, ensuring it seamlessly blends in with its surroundings.

Mode C or Mode A: Opt for Mode C (cable attached to the charger) or Mode A (charger with socket for external cable), based on your installation preferences.

Why BESEN 22kW 3 Phase EV Charger?

Designed to excel in various environments, whether it's installed in home garages or public charging stations.
Faster charging with advanced 3-phase technology, designed to power up your vehicle quickly and efficiently.
Complies with CE, UL, ETL, ROHS, FCC, or UKCA, ensuring international safety and quality standards are met.
BESEN sales worker answering inquiries for a customer about EV charging stations at the Power2Drive expo.
Always Here for Your EV Charging Needs

We put your satisfaction at the heart of everything we do. From your first inquiry to the seamless delivery and installation of your 22kW EV Chargers, we’re dedicated to exceeding your expectations at every turn.

Find Your Right 22kW Electric Car Charger



BS20 EV Charger


The Classic and Smart Charging Option

It features a vibrant LCD display screen that shows real-time charging status, including charging time, voltage, and power consumption. Its intelligent chip automatically addresses non-hardware faults during charging. With an IP66 waterproof rating, the BS20 can be installed indoors or outdoors, offering versatility and durability in all weather conditions.



BS30 EV Charger


The Sleek Design for Convenience Charging

It features an integrated socket for space efficiency and a button switch for easy operation and current adjustment. LED lights on the charger indicate charging status and alert users to any errors, ensuring smooth operation and maintenance. You can easily install it without needing complicated tools. And it works with most electric cars like Tesla Model 3, BMW i3, and Nissan Leaf.



BN30 EV Charger


The Powerful and Reliable Charging Experience

It is designed for home use, offering user-friendly installation. It includes comprehensive protection mechanisms such as overload and leakage protection. You can control charging via buttons, the app, or RFID cards.  Clear LED indicators provide instant feedback on charging status, making the BN30 intuitive and efficient for daily use.

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Members of the BESEN customer service team wearing headsets and working at their computers in an office setting.

Hear from Our Customer

“Since we installed the BESEN 22kW EV charger in our parking area, it’s noticeably faster than our old chargers. Many drivers now choose to park here just to charge their cars quickly. We’re really pleased with how well it’s been received. Our customers love the convenience and reliability it offers, and it’s made a big difference in how smoothly our operations run.”– Michael, Parking Operator

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