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Green tax deduction(grön teknik)


  • A tax reduction measure for solar panels, energy storage, and electric vehicle charging points. For charging stations, 50% of material and installation costs are deductible, applicable only to individuals.
  • The maximum limit is 50,000 Swedish Krona per person, per year. The tax reduction can be distributed among several family members; for instance, splitting the deduction between two people at 10% each can collectively amount to 100,000 Swedish Krona.
  • The installation must be at the applicant’s house, the house of the applicant’s parents, or a building under construction owned by the applicant.

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Charge The Car Grant
  • Housing associations, companies, and other organizations offering EV charging services to residents and employees are eligible for this grant. It covers labor, materials, excavation, installation, etc., funding up to 50% of the costs.
  • The grant is not available to individuals and cannot be used for public charging stations or stations mandated by law, other regulations, or permit conditions.
  • Note: Applications are continuously open without a deadline.

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upport for businesses, municipal authorities, and organizations, including for charging infrastructure. Funding typically covers 30-65% of investment costs, up to a maximum of 70%.

  • Residential and Employee Charging (AC): Applications can be submitted at any time.
  • Public Access Charging: No new application periods open for 2023.
  • Commercial Charging: No new application periods open for 2023.

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