Why Install EV Charging Stations at Home

In recent years, the concept of electric vehicles has risen. The cars are eco-friendly and hence are being used by many people. However, while the number of cars has increased, finding EV charging stations for them at regular intervals is still an issue. So, what should you do as an electric car owner?

Have you ever thought about installing an EV charging station at home?

The idea might seem bizarre to you, but these charging stations might be beneficial. Do you want to know why installing an EV charging station at home might be a great idea? Hop on below to find out. We have concluded a detailed guide so can make an informed decision.

Why Is Getting an EV Charging Station at Home a Great Idea?

Finding or waiting at the few public electric charging stations that exist right now is a nuisance. Hence, the smarter choice is to get one installed at home. If you are someone who isn’t familiar with the concept of using these EV chargers at home. Then let us enlighten you with the benefits.

1. More Convenient 

It is observed that an estimated 80% of electric vehicle drivers find it convenient to charge their cars at home. Why shouldn’t they? Utilizing the EV chargers at home is similar to the concept of charging your phone at night. People leave their phone on charge overnight so that it has a full battery when it’s time to head out in the morning.

The EV charging station would serve almost the same benefit. By plugging in your electric vehicle at night, you’d be utilizing the downtime and making sure that your car is set to head out in the morning. Moreover, not standing in line at public charging points will save you time.

2. Cost Efficient

There is no surprise here that installing EV charging stations at home would save you a lot of money. Public charging stations usually operate during the day when electricity prices are spiking. Moreover, besides the splurge in electricity costs during the day, the charging station owner, like all businesses, would increase the prices to keep their commission margin. Hence, both factors cost you a hefty amount to charge your car.

In comparison, if you get your EV charging stations at home, you will cut down on the overhead commission margin and charge your car at night during the downtime and save a handful of bucks.

3. Better for your Battery

Studies have shown that using an electric charger frequently to supercharge your cars is harmful to the battery and affects its health in the long run. Considering that public electric vehicles are usually busy, with one car lining up after the other, we can easily decipher how frequently they might be used.

Hence, to ensure that your electric vehicle keeps moving and your battery lasts a long time, installing an EV charging at home might be a great idea.

4. Faster and Safer Charging

Filling up your car with fuel or oil takes hardly minutes, however, when electrically charging a vehicle, the story is entirely different. This is because electric charging stations can take a few hours to give your battery full health. Leaving your car unattended during this duration is not safe, and not many owners are prone to this idea when charging at public points.

Secondly, the public charging settings might be different and, in many cases, can take a reasonable amount of time if you want your car to charge completely. Getting an EV charging station at home would enable you to leave your car to charge overnight in the safety of your home. Plus, you can adjust the charging settings to your preference, which would enable you to acquire faster and safer charging.

5. Increases Property Value and Attracts Tenants Too

The demand for EV cars is rapidly increasing. Given its eco-friendly nature and many other benefits, cars will soon take over globally in huge numbers. Hence, installing an EV charger within the premises of your property is a great way to differentiate your building and attract more tenants. 

Renters, particularly in the upstate areas, have already bought or are more likely to buy electric cars in the near future. Hence, installing an EV charger on your property before putting it up for rent might be a great idea.

Moreover, if you plan to sell the property at any time in your life or in the near future, the increasing demands of these electric charging stations would improve the cost of your property and elevate it on a higher margin compared to other properties near you.

Where Can You Get an EV Charging Station for your Home

If you are searching for a high-quality EV charging station manufacturer, no one does this better than Besen. The company holds an experience of over 12 years and is one of the trusted names in the business.

The company started as an EV charger supplier in China for the European and American markets. Today, while its roots stay strong, Besen itself has expanded.

With a wide variety of electric vehicle supplies and equipment, we are sure you’d be satisfied. The company provides some of the best electric chargers to install at home or in your business. These chargers will not only work efficiently but will be available at great prices while also increasing the value of your house and businesses.

Therefore, if there is one company you should trust when it comes to installing an electric charging station, it should be Besen.


Getting an EV charging station installed in the comfort of your house is a great idea. While the task might seem daunting or expensive to some, the beneficial impacts it brings along would be truly astonishing.

If you were hesitant to get an EV charging station installed before, we hope that the above benefits helped change your mind. For a great price, check out Besen for some high-quality EV chargers, and that too at a great price.

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