Why Choose BESEN

Have you ever pondered the essential element when customizing EV charging stations?

  • Is it the product’s appearance design? No, any company with a design team can handle that.
  • Is it the product’s customization qualifications? Actually, any formal EVSE factory can only complete the project if there is a clear demand.
  • Is it the product’s sales? If the price is reasonable and the marketing strategies are appropriate, capturing some markets quickly is easy.
  • Can the product pass TUV or UL tests? These tests only require compliance with the requirements and some experience. Passing the test is just a matter of time.


Actually, the most important factor is how to ensure an extremely LOW AFTER-SALES RATE. For any product, sales alone are insufficient. A stable and reassuring sales channel, free from any after-sales service problems, is favored by dealers. Suppose after-sales service is out of control due to product quality problems. In that case, it will cause significant losses to customers, such as wasting time and energy, delaying the progress of other projects, suffering unnecessary capital losses, negative impacts on brand reputation, damage to the company’s reputation, and affecting the company’s confidence in the market.

ODM OEM EV charging station

Many companies can produce charging stations and provide EVSE customization services to customers. Choosing a suitable cooperative factory among many companies is crucial, particularly for those new to this field. The right cooperative factory can ensure the smooth operation of your customization project, producing products in a better, faster, and cheaper way.

Our Products are Stable

Excellent Waterproof Performance

Our investigations have shown that the high failure rate of EV charging products in the market is mainly due to the inadequate design of the waterproof system. Some customers focus too much on the appearance and functionality of the product and neglect the importance of waterproofing. This is a misconception, as water resistance is a critical factor that determines product performance, service life, and safety. An inadequate waterproof design can cause components to remain in a high humidity environment for an extended period, affecting their efficiency and posing a potential safety hazard.

The EV charger differs from other household appliances because of its more frequent outdoor use. Therefore, when designing an EV charger, it is necessary to consider the complexity of the outdoor environment and ensure waterproofing for all parts, including the top, front, side, back, bottom, and inlet. Additionally, in coastal and other humid environments, merely preventing rainwater invasion is insufficient. Internal components require specific waterproof treatment to avoid potential safety hazards.

BESEN’s projects span the globe, from deserts to seaside, extreme cold to heat. In any environment, we guarantee the exceptional waterproof performance of our products, allowing them to function in any setting. Our products can withstand brief immersion in water, leaving an indelible impression on many first-time customers.

BESEN's products offer exceptional stability and boast outstanding waterproof performance.


An important aspect of an outstanding EV charging product is its ability to charge any car model in any region without any issue.

Many people assume that it is a standardized product, and if it works well in one environment, it will work well in any other environment. However, that is not entirely true. Currently, there are 100 electric vehicle models worldwide, and each car has subtle differences in terms of charging interface, charging protocol, charging settings, and more. Furthermore, the power grid structure, stability, voltage fluctuation range, and other parameters differ for each country globally. Therefore, if an EV charger works perfectly in Germany, it may not work smoothly in Norway, and charging a Leaf does not mean charging a Renault will be just as seamless.

BESEN EV charging equipment portfolio

For dealers, product adaptability is particularly important. A charger that does not work properly causes users trouble and adds significant pressure to dealers’ after-sales service. Additionally, it damages the company’s brand reputation and may even cause a loss of customer trust. This is why it is said in the industry that after-sales problems should not ruin all early efforts.

However, you don’t have to worry about this issue with BESEN. Why do we always emphasize our 13 years of professional experience? It’s because over the past 13 years, we’ve sold products all around the world, which has helped us accumulate enough product feedback and market data. These are BESEN’s most valuable assets since they can’t be obtained with money. We have experienced every possible situation and carefully analyzed the causes of market failures. After long-term iterations and updates, BESEN products can guarantee stable and efficient charging of any vehicle in any environment. As a result, our customers don’t have to worry about after-sales problems regarding adaptability and can focus more on product sales.

Complete Certification

Certification is a vital aspect for any product. It not only establishes standardized parameters and indicators, ensuring the quality of the product, but also enables it to be sold in compliance with relevant regions, thereby significantly enhancing customers’ trust. It is important to note that different regions require different product certifications. Generally, a product can only be certified in major sales regions.

  • Europe requires CE/TUV certification
  • North America requires UL/CSA/FCC and other certifications.
  • The exceptional quality of the product and the strong technical team are paramount. Due to variations in the direct test standards of different certifications, specific certifications require a high level of technical prowess from factories, thus making them incredibly valuable due to their rigorous standards and low pass rates. Customers are particularly drawn to certifications because, akin to education, they represent a company’s overall capabilities, allowing customers to swiftly comprehend the technical prowess of a company and develop trust in it.
  • The products’ popularity in the market and extensive sales range are notable. Companies would only invest in valuable certifications. We can approximate the primary sales regions of the factory’s products through product certification. Additionally, the more rigorous the certification standard, the greater the product’s market recognition.
  • The manufacturer is passionately producing high-quality goods. Certification has always been a challenging undertaking. It necessitates a significant amount of time, effort, and a sizable upfront cost. Only with complete confidence in the product, adequate technical team experience and ability, and a clear market prospect plan, will a company be inclined to pursue all relevant certifications in the early stages of product launch.

Product Stability

For retailers, there are multiple factors to consider when selling products. However, one vital aspect is that the product must possess stable performance, safety, and minimal after-sales issues. After-sales problems can lead to significant time, energy, and expenses and tarnish the industry’s reputation.

The stability of EV charger products’ performance depends on their functionality in varying usage environments and the consistent operation of the products themselves. Retailers need to acquire relevant certifications and substantial sales data as evidence and require extensive market feedback to support them. Moreover, they must possess exclusive and professional technology.


BESEN has been exclusively focusing on EV charging for the past 13 years. We understand how to enhance the product’s performance, and we pay meticulous attention to every detail during the product design process. Additionally, we have multiple exclusive production processes that ensure the quality of our products, such as

  • Our plug possesses a self-cleaning feature, automatically eliminating dust on the terminal during the plugging process, guaranteeing a smooth and uninterrupted current flow without any arc.
  • Our EV charging equipment can oversee and regulate the temperature of the entire charging line, right from the power source to the vehicle. The equipment will automatically switch off if the temperature surpasses the set limit. As soon as the temperature returns to a safe range, the equipment will start charging the vehicle again, ensuring secure usage.
  • Our EV charging equipment can rectify common charging faults automatically. However, in cases where the fault necessitates manual repair, the cause of the malfunction will be displayed on the screen, ensuring a swift resolution of the issue.
BESEN EV charging equipment kits

As a professional Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) manufacturer, BESEN is deeply committed to developing highly efficient and dependable charging products. We aim to provide you with the peace of mind you need so that you can concentrate solely on sales without any potential issues.

Product Range Comprehensiveness

BESEN EV charging product series

BESEN has a complete EV charging product series (AC) covering many customer groups.

Our products mainly include:

  • EV charging cable (straight, spring)
  • Portable EV charger (3.6kW-16kW)
  • EV charger (3.6-22kW, APP, RFID, OCPP, load-balancing)


Here, you can find all the relevant products of AC charging stations, which can meet various domestic and commercial needs. In addition, we are constantly developing new products and functions to ensure that our dealers always have the most advanced and stable products and are more competitive in the market.

Strict Product Testing

Product testing is a complex and rigorous process that involves far more than simply using testing instruments and tables to measure parameters. At BESEN, it is an integral part of our production process and key to building customer trust. It is, in fact, the lifeline of our enterprise.


From the purchase and warehousing of raw materials to material preparation, early-stage processing, assembly, completion of testing, packaging, and beyond, every step of our production process is subject to strict control and timely detection. Our adherence to the ITAF16949 standard ensures that each process meets the highest standards. Moreover, qualified product testing requires the best testing instruments and a strong sense of responsibility and craftsmanship.

Our commitment to excellence and attention to detail means that only products produced through these rigorous links can gain customer recognition and achieve market competitiveness. At BESEN, we take pride in completing every production and testing process to the strictest standards to ensure that every product leaving our factory is nothing short of perfection.

Check BESEN EV Charging Connector

We have Rich Experience

13 Years of Experience

It is of utmost importance to seek a reputable and experienced company to collaborate with, as their expertise can assist in circumventing many issues and difficulties that one may not have previously considered.

  • To illustrate, an EV cable that may function adequately in France may become rigid and inoperable in Norway. This is due to the considerably lower gas temperature in Norway than that of Germany, rendering typical TPE materials unfit for cable production.
  • As another example, an ordinary EV charger may frequently malfunction in some regions of Romania due to voltage fluctuations exceeding its protection threshold.
  • It is worth noting that specific vehicle brands may require unique handshake agreements, thereby inhibiting normal charging operations with some chargers.

BESEN, however, is immune to such obstacles. Our ability to avoid these challenges stems not from our ample resources and extensive funding but rather from our vast product sales, broad customer outreach, and exposure to numerous case studies. The hitches that may go unnoticed during product function selection, obstacles that may arise during product sales, and malfunctions that may arise during product operation are all issues we can adeptly resolve for you. In other words, we have proactively assisted you in overcoming these challenges. With 13 years of experience in the EV charging industry, we can ensure that your product avoids the obstacles your peers may encounter when designing, saving you the trouble and time of excessive post-sales efforts.

One Stop EV Charging Solution

Only some factories can provide adequate guidance and assistance throughout the growth process of their customers, but BESEN strives to do more than merely sell products. We aim to aid customers in establishing a comprehensive product sales plan and enhancing their market development. We share market information, communicate industry trends and competitor analysis, actively gather feedback on sales and usage, and provide timely suggestions based on our expertise to assist dealers in effectively promoting their brands in the local market. 

As customers’ sales volume and sales team and model become more stable, we offer further assistance in customizing and developing exclusive products, thereby elevating the brand value belonging to our customers.

Developing Together

Professional Technical Team


For our technical team, it is not enough to merely develop products. We understand that the products we create must be recognized by the market, optimized according to customer feedback, and improved in all aspects of performance based on market demands. As charging agreements are constantly updated, our team ensures that our products can be adjusted on time, with enough room for improvement, adaptable charging programs for various models and complex environments, and the ability to charge vehicles stably and effectively while prioritizing safety and stability.


For customers, excellent products increase sales, establish a market reputation, reduce after-sales pressure, and improve brand awareness. They also require the assistance of a professional and efficient technical team when problems arise. BESEN offers customers effective technical support and guidance, standing beside them in their growth process and providing the necessary assistance they require.

Professional Project Experience

In the realm of EV charging, selling products is a straightforward process. Any company can do it if the quantity, parameters, price, and delivery method are clearly communicated. However, successfully executing a project requires a comprehensive understanding of all project conditions.


At BESEN, we take on the challenge of executing projects by carefully considering the following steps:

  • Determining the appropriate product portfolio based on the project type.
  • Determining product parameters by project requirements.
  • Choosing the charging method for products according to the operation mode.
  • Determining the IP treatment and material selection of products according to the site environment.
  • Determining the production and transportation arrangement based on the project timeline.
  • Choosing product program fine-tuning based on the local power grid and vehicle conditions.


By meticulously considering all aspects of a project, we can deliver comprehensive EV charging solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Any overlooked aspect of a procedure may lead to severe consequences. However, BESEN’s professional team and extensive project experience ensure we can effectively navigate various project challenges. We have a proven track record of successful project completions, including:

  • Providing product support for power grid projects in Italy
  • Providing local accessory product customization services for Hyundai Automobile dealers
  • Supporting New Zealand customers and aiding them in winning local government projects. As a result of this project, our products are featured on the cover of the New Zealand electric vehicle dealer instruction manual (shown on the right).
Dealer's guide to electric vehicles

With our extensive project experience, we deeply understand when to use the most suitable products to meet project needs. Our project experience can be of              great benefit to you as well. At BESEN, we leverage our expertise and experience to deliver tailored solutions that exceed our client’s expectations.

Perfect Management System

IATF 16949 Certification for Quality Management System

IATF 16949 is a technical specification utilized in the international automotive industry. It is based on ISO 9001 and tailored explicitly for the automotive sector. This certification represents one of the most rigorous quality management system certifications worldwide.

IATF 16949 imposes highly stringent requirements on various aspects of factory management systems, supply chain systems, product quality systems, and industrial processes. Only a select few outstanding factories within the industry can successfully obtain this certification. Furthermore, IATF 16949 imposes strict restrictions on the manufacturer qualifications of certified companies. These qualifications mandate that the certified company be an automobile or direct parts manufacturer. Entities solely serving support functions, such as design centers, corporate headquarters, and distribution centers, cannot independently acquire IATF 16949 certification. Consequently, the attainment of IATF 16949 quality management system certification directly reflects the overall professionalism of equipment manufacturers. It serves as a crucial screening criterion for many companies when selecting suppliers.

As a highly experienced professional equipment manufacturer of EV charging products, BESEN has taken the lead in obtaining IATF 16949 certification within the industry. BESEN’s proficiency in production management, product quality control, customer service, and supply chain integration is at the forefront of the industry. This ensures that BESEN can efficiently, accurately, and methodically provide customers with products that surpass their expectations while maintaining optimal cost control. By reducing the time required for initial customer screening and enhancing customer trust in their products, BESEN gains a significant competitive advantage in the market.

Furthermore, China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has certified BESEN as a national high-tech enterprise. It stands as one of the most advanced manufacturers in the field of EVSE in China.

Robust and Reliable Production Capacity

BESEN’s remarkable performance in the market is attributed to its unwavering commitment to ensuring the timely and precise delivery of all orders, a testament to its formidable production capacity. We have implemented an advanced order management system that efficiently orchestrates every step, from material preparation to production allocation. Our processes adhere to strict standardization, and each production step is scientifically optimized, resulting in a streamlined and orderly production plan. Under normal circumstances, a single production line can manufacture 1200 portable EV chargers per day, representing one of the highest production capacities in this industry.

Efficient production on a singular occasion is relatively easy, but maintaining a continuous and stable state of efficiency is a crucial reflection of our plant management expertise, equipment automation, process standardization, and other pivotal factors. On average, we successfully fulfill over 120 production batches each month, and our product loading and unloading area consistently operates efficiently and precisely. Regardless of the complexity or intricacy of an order, we ensure that all deliveries are made punctually. This reliability is one of the key reasons our customers place increasing trust in us.


BESEN EV charging cables

A robust and consistent production capacity is a pivotal criterion for assessing a manufacturer’s comprehensive capabilities. It directly determines whether customers can obtain inventory replenishment swiftly, thereby reducing capital pressure and enabling more efficient responses to market demands. By leveraging our strong production capacity, BESEN empowers our customers to seize opportunities swiftly, respond to market feedback promptly, and gain a competitive edge.

Careful Control Of Every Detail

The EV charging plug, the most frequently used component in charging equipment, undergoes significant stress due to its high-frequency usage. This places a substantial demand on product quality, making it susceptible to failure. Some common issues associated with charging plugs include:

  • Excessive temperature during operation.
  • Deformation of terminals and limited lifespan.
  • Generation of electric sparks during plugging.
  • The sheath loosened at the tail of the plug due to an improper force structure and angle.


Over 13 years, BESEN has established a solid market reputation primarily due to our exceptional product quality. Through extensive experience in production, we have gained valuable insights into meticulously controlling every detail to create flawless products. We approach production with the scientific design of processes, standardization of procedure particulars, and the incorporation of advanced automatic processing methods to ensure part consistency. Equally important, we possess an intimate understanding of every aspect of the product, enabling us to enhance and refine them to mitigate all common issues and minimize unnecessary inconveniences for our customers. It should be noted that production is a complex endeavor, and a 10-year-old enterprise possesses a vastly different comprehension of product intricacies compared to a newly established enterprise.

BESEN Type2 Terminal

Let’s take the terminal on the charging plug as an example. It is not a simple matter of applying pressure with a machine tool. Several critical factors need to be considered, such as:

  • Precise internal dimensional scaling of the terminal.
  • Design of the leaf spring structure in the terminal.
  • Appropriate surface coating for the terminals.
  • Careful selection of materials for the terminal composition.
  • The proper crimping force is applied to the terminal.
  • Determination of the force point position during terminal crimping.
  • Accurate size setting for the terminal crimping surface.

The meticulous handling of each aspect directly influences the product’s performance in real-world usage, including its service life, safety, and conductivity, among other factors.

Can every car factory achieve the same excellent level as BMW by purchasing the same machinery and equipment? That is impossible. Likewise, a manufacturer’s market reputation is not solely determined by workforce size, factory area, machinery, or financial resources. The meticulous attention to every detail of the product sets an enterprise apart, allowing it to establish a prominent presence in the market over the long term. This continuous pursuit of perfection and the embodiment of the spirit of craftsmanship serve as the soul of the enterprise.

Perfect Delivery Process

Ensuring timely delivery is a crucial factor for customers when selecting suppliers. Every customer engaged in procurement has likely experienced the concern and apprehension of not receiving goods within the agreed-upon timeframe after payment. Delayed delivery not only places psychological pressure on customers but also has a significant impact on other aspects, including:

  • Extending the customer’s payment collection cycle, resulting in increased financial pressure.
  • Disrupting the regular sales plan by preventing the timely availability of products for sale.
  • Experiencing fluctuations in the international transportation environment and corresponding price changes can increase transportation costs or risks.
  • Losing the opportunity to be ahead of competitors in capturing the market and acquiring customers if products are received later than them.
  • These are just a few examples of the negative consequences of delayed delivery. Understanding the importance of on-time delivery, we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations, ensuring that our products are delivered punctually and providing our customers with a competitive advantage.



Indeed, delayed delivery can have far-reaching consequences, often with a more significant impact than initially perceived. The historical example of Marshal Grouchy’s late arrival at the Battle of Waterloo, which resulted in Napoleon’s defeat and the downfall of the French Empire, highlights the significant ramifications of timing in critical situations.

Similarly, if we cannot provide customers with stable and efficient product delivery in business, it can have serious and long-term repercussions on their everyday operations. Delays in receiving essential products can disrupt production schedules, hinder sales plans, and impede overall business performance. It can lead to financial losses, missed opportunities, and erode customer trust and satisfaction.

Recognizing the importance of timely delivery, we prioritize our products’ efficient and reliable shipment to ensure our customers can operate smoothly and meet their obligations and objectives. By delivering products on time, we aim to contribute to their success and forge long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability.

However, ensuring timely delivery is not merely a commitment; it encompasses various essential aspects. It involves comprehending the diverse needs of our customers and effectively communicating all pertinent information with them.


We ascertain and communicate an accurate delivery date to our customers based on the existing production plan and available materials. Our approach includes the following measures:

  • Proactively organizing and procuring materials requested by customers in advance.
  • Strategically allocating resources within the production line to maximize efficiency.
  • Adhering to packaging guidelines specified by the destination country’s regulations, ensuring seamless customs clearance.
  • Offering customers more cost-effective and efficient transportation options.


Perfect Delivery Process

Any potential issues during these processes can result in delivery delays. At BESEN, we have implemented an advanced production management system that enables us to plan material preparation and production arrangements systematically. By relying on the system’s calculations rather than subjective estimations, we can ensure timely delivery and provide customers with more precise delivery estimates. This empowers our customers to make informed preparations, enabling them to devise effective sales strategies and manage capital turnover more efficiently.

Furthermore, our extensive experience in transportation and customs clearance allows us to facilitate the smooth passage of goods, preventing delays caused by incomplete details during customs clearance.

Additionally, when customers have little time constraints, we proactively recommend more economical transportation methods to minimize expenses and provide customers with an enhanced service experience.

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your EV charging business with BESEN

Launch your EV charging business with BESEN

Launch your EV charging business with BESEN

Launch your EV charging business with BESEN

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your electric vehicle charging business with BESEN's premium-quality products

Launch your EV charging business with BESEN