The Development of Electric Charging Stations


We are seeing that there has been an immense change in technology. New products and things are being manufactured with the latest technology and benefit humans in many ways. The car industry has also changed a lot, and new models and types of cars are being produced.

Electric vehicles are the latest types of cars that have been growing in the markets. People enjoy this new eco-friendly car that works on electricity or is battery-powered instead of gas. It is seen that the rise of these electric vehicles will continue every day with notable companies and investors investing in manufacturing. So, let’s look at how these electric vehicles and EV charging stations were developed and have a peak in the history of this electric transportation.

The Origin of EV Charging Stations

The very first electric vehicle was made in the late 1800s. The first practical electric car was developed by the person names as William Morrison in 1891. This was a six-passenger wagon with a speed of 60 mph. Due to this car, people started considering the idea of electric cars and how they can improve and make different variations.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, fantastic progress was seen in the manufacturing of electric vehicles. People enjoy these types of cars and transportation because they are much smoother and quieter to drive. Furthermore, it cut down the gasoline expenses that regular cars need to work. Hence, electric cars and vehicles have become the method of choice for transportation. People were also experimenting and trying to come up with different variations, and because of this, Hybrid cars were also made. The car could use gasoline and an electric motor to work. So, if one thing is not working people can use the other way to drive their cars. But now you might be thinking about how these cars used electricity and how they worked. So, these cars need to be charged so that they can work properly; thus, there were EV charging stations for them to get charged. In the beginning, EV charging stations were not very common, and people did not have access to them. But then, General Electric offered and manufactured an "Electrant,” the name of an EV charging station. The electrant was made so people could charge their electric vehicles in the street. People were also charging their electric vehicle batteries in the dealers’ shops. They used to remove the battery, take it to the dealer’s shop, charge it and then put it back in the cars to use. However, this process took a lot of time, and people did not like this tiring process. But as there was an increase in the demand for electric cars, the manufacturers and companies also made different kinds of EV charging stations. The EV charging stations can be set up and installed at home, in offices, in public parking, and a few other places so that people can quickly access and charge their cars and vehicles.

The Popularity of Electric Vehicles

In the 1990s, there was again a massive surge in the popularity of electric vehicles. Now companies are putting all the effort into making the best, most convenient electric cars. They also made EV charging stations easier to use and more affordable. However, they still need the same kind of maintenance, but now there are companies there to make the job easier for you.

Companies have also made different levels of the charging stations, such as level 1, level 2, and level 3. There are different features on different levels, and even the charging speed is different for all the levels. So, people can pick the one that fits their preferences.

Industry Trends in EV Charging Stations:

In the following 10 years, the number of electric vehicles on our streets will probably rise significantly, and we accept the main part of the charging of these vehicles will happen at home. Yet, promptly opening charging away from one's home will likewise be critical to help EV development.

The popularity of electric vehicles and charging stations has increased a lot. in the upcoming years, there are a lot of possibilities that the EV charging industry will look totally different compared to what it is today. Following are a few trends that will make the EV charging industry more popular and will help it to grow.

1: Branding:

The first trend that we will see in the future years is that different companies’ restaurants, shopping plazas, and petrol stations will start offering the whole experience of EV charging. We see that even small businesses will incorporate EV charging in their business and offer it with their other services.

2: Taking charge of the energy

Another trend that we are already seeing is that people are taking charge of the EV charging system. Through this, they can save a lot of money, such as the installation money, grid connection, etc. The next phase of this will be energy flexibility. Now you can find chargers that can help you with this trend and also save you a lot of money.

3: Hidden costs

The next trend is maintaining the proper end-to-end chain. This means the company needs to go through all the crucial parts of the bills, such as clearing, verifying, and whatnot. This will ensure end-to-end visibility with the best customer experience.

The Future of Electric Charging Stations

Now that the companies have made changes in electric vehicles and EV charging stations, people are liking and purchasing more and more. Hence, the market may be filled with only electric vehicles in the upcoming years. The need for a clean and greener environment has led to the manufacturing of electric vehicles. Thus, the demand for plug-in electric cars is also increasing. People are now opting to invest in electric vehicles because it is a more affordable option in this world where the prices are increasing daily. So electric cars use renewable energy sources for the charging system. 

BESEN-The Ultimate Place to Get EV Charging Stations:

BESEN is the best place for you if you are hunting for good and high-quality electric chargers that will work wonderfully to charge your EV vehicles. If you are hunting for good and high-quality electric chargers that will work wonderfully to charge your EV vehicles, then BESEN is the best place for you.  EV charger BESEN is the best EV charger manufacturer that you can find. They offer different and almost all kinds of EV chargers. They have almost 12 years of professional experience and developed the first EV charging station in China. Now they are ranked as the Number 1 exporter of EV Charging stations for at least four years. 

Final Verdict: 

Electric cars and EV charging stations have a vast history. Now they have come a long way, and people are enjoying the new models of electric vehicles. So, this article has everything about the development of EV charging stations.

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