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  • Do Electric Cars Charge While Driving?
    Do Electric Cars Charge While Driving?
    Can you charge EVs while driving? Yes! With new inductive EV charging technology, it’s now possible.
  • Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Guidelines
    Electric Vehicle Charging Station Installation Guidelines
    We require an EV charging station for the recharging of an electric vehicle. An EV can be connected to the EV charging equipment and can be recharged quickly.  
  • What Are the Different Types of EV Chargers?
    What Are the Different Types of EV Chargers?
    EV charging refers to filling up your vehicle’s battery for it to operate, just like how you refill your gasoline car’s gas tank.  However, the charging mechanism isn’t as simple as refilling a gas tank, as there are many complexities involved in it. There are multiple types of EV charging connectors, and each of them offers different charging speeds.  In this post, we classify EV chargers based on their charging speeds and tell you how many types of EV chargers there are. But first, let’s talk about what an EV charger is.
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