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  • Everything you want to know about Besen
    Everything you want to know about Besen
    As a professional EVSE manufacturer, BESEN focuses on providing customers with professional charging equipment that is safer, more efficient and more stable.BESEN's products are oriented to both household and commercial markets in the EV charging field. Our main products include EV chargers (APP, OCPP), portable EV chargers, EV charging cables, EV connectors, and EV adaptors.Our products have necessary patents in terms of the appearance and functions, ensuring that our customers are more advantaged in the local market and not interfered by imitators. All products have all the certifications required by the local market, including CE, TUV, CSA, FCC, ETL, UL, ROHS, CCC and so on.BESEN has a wealth of industry experience, values feedbacks from every customer and is constantly committed to developing product functions and improving product performance.OEM and ODM services are available. By carrying out comprehensive dealer support programs, we are devoted to assisting our customers with their growth in sales.
  • Intro to the first EV charger in China suitable for the European and American markets
    Intro to the first EV charger in China suitable for the European and American markets
    THE CHALLENGEIn 2014, we developed the first EV charger in China suitable for the European and American markets based on a digital circuit. This is a very important milestone in the development history of BESEN. As the charging standards, charging environments, and the applicable EV models in China were completely different from those in Europe and America, all the charging stations that could be used properly in China could not be used abroad. THE SOLUTIONTherefore, we decided to develop an EV charger specifically for the European and American markets. We went through a lot of difficulties along the way and the product plan had been constantly revised. Thanks to our technical team for having overcome all kinds of obstacles and also to several of our customers who are now BESEN's partners for having provided us with numerous useful suggestions, we finally managed to launch our first EV charger in 2014, which is also the first EV charger made in China for the European and American markets. It has successfully helped our business partners open up the local market.SUMMARYWe gave it a lovely name together, BS-E9. Of course, BS-E9 has long been replaced by more advanced products of BESEN, but this hard-won honor is our eternal pride.
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