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  • EV Charging Station Unpacking BESEN Mode A
    EV Charging Station Unpacking BESEN Mode A
    This is a basic wall-mounted charger and suitable for home use. It is easy to install, stable in performance, and has a complete protection mechanism. The LCD display can show the detailed charging status. The charger can be used with stand.
  • Portable EV Charger Unpacking BESEN PCD 040
    Portable EV Charger Unpacking BESEN PCD 040
    The portable electric car charger is Level 2 AC charger, and the charging power is generally 3.6kW-22kW. In order to prevent potential safety hazards due to incorrect use, please read the equipment manual carefully before use. Do not charge in places that do not meet the charging conditions. Ensure that the power supply and wiring are in a normal state before use.
  • BESEN PCD020 Upacking  Mode 2 EV Cable
    BESEN PCD020 Upacking Mode 2 EV Cable
    Product Model: PCD020-Type 1☆ Plug for 10A: UK, AU, NZ, NEMA 6-20, NEMA 5-15☆ Plug for 16A: CEE, SCHUKO 16A, NEMA 6-20
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