MODEL:  BS20  |  PCD030

  • Confirm Customization
    Confirm Customization
    Confirm the product for customization and discuss the design.
  • Provide a Quotation
    Provide a Quotation
    BESEN offers an estimated quotation, MOQ and delivery time based on the approved design.
  • Sign the Contract
    Sign the Contract
    Both parties sign a contract and the clients pay relative deposit after confirmation.
  • Structural Test
    Structural Test
    BESEN builds handmade prototypes and confirms the final details and carry out relative structural tests.
  • Mold Production
    Mold Production
    Production of the mold will be arranged once the prototype is confirmed.
  • Final Confirmation
    Final Confirmation
    BESEN sends tooling samples for testing and final confirmation once the mold is completed.
  • Product Optimization
    Product Optimization
    Final necessary optimization of the mold will be arranged based on client’s feedback.
  • Small Batch Certification
    Small Batch Certification
    Small batch production will be carried out first for the certification and other necessary tests of the product.
  • Packaging Confirmation
    Packaging Confirmation
    Confirm instruction manual and other packaging details with clients.
  • Mass Production
    Mass Production
    Once the certificate is obtained, mass production will be officially carried out.

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