How to select and purchase the most suitable EV charger for your EV?


I saw an interesting topic on Reddit recently. Sharon was a retired worker from Germany. Recently, he was looking for an EV charger online, but he didn’t know which was the most suitable one since there were too many types of EV chargers.




In fact, many customers are confused about how to choose a suitable EV charger. It’s very disappointing that the customers found that the charger wasn’t suitable for their cars after they spent a lot of time finding an EV charger. So what should we pay attention to before buying a charger?

1. Plug

Before buying a charger, we need to check whether the car is Type1 or Type2 , and select the corresponding car end plug; In addition, we must also pay attention to the type of socket in our home, so as to choose the correct wall end plug.

2. Current

The choice of current is very important for the charger. If a wrong current is selected, it may cause damage to the household circuit or influence the charger’s normal charging. In the selection of current, we need to pay attention to the following aspects:


First of all, we need to confirm how much current can be provided by your household circuit, including confirming whether the type of circuit breaker in the circuit is suitable;

Then, you need to confirm the maximum current and type of current your car can accept when charging on AC.

Generally speaking, the types of alternating current that the car can accept are single-phase current, two-phase current and three-phase current. If you have a single-phase car, please do not buy a three-phase charger, because the remaining two-phase power will not respond.

Second, you need to know what is the maximum charging current that your car can accept when charging on AC which is a very crucial step. If your car can only accept a maximum charging current of 16A under AC power, but you bought a 32A charger for fast charging. Unfortunately, when charging, the charger can only output 16A since it’s determined by the car. It’s totally ok if you don't know the optimum charging current for your car, we suggest you consult your car dealer since they would know it.


When buying an EV charger, we must know the information about the plug and current clearly. If you have other requirements such as a unique shape, it is very simple, you just need to choose the type you like on the shopping platform. If you encounter other uncertain factors, we recommend that you consult the seller before buying, I believe that you can finally get a suitable charger.

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