Why does the wallbox not realize three-phase charging?




The protagonist of this case is Ben from Germany. Like most customers in many European countries, his demand is to realize three-phase fast charging for his car without exceeding the current limit of the household circuit. Therefore, Ben chose to buy the 11kW wallbox among BESEN's product series. But when using the wallbox to charge his car, Ben found that it could only achieve two-phase charging and the actual charging power was only about 7kW. After self-check, Ben found that all three live wires had voltage, but one of them had no current. Although the wallbox could charge normally, the efficiency was not as good. So Ben contacted the BESEN’s service department.



After receiving his feedback, BESEN immediately confirmed with Ben whether similar situation had occurred before and arranged for professionals to assist him as soon as possible. According to past experience, if the wallbox does not reach its rated maximum power during the charging process, it is mostly due to certain problem with the wallbox wiring. For example, the live wire without current passing through is wrongly connected to the neutral or ground wire, resulting in the wallbox not realizing three-phase charging. BESEN has assisted many European clients to solve this problem. In addition, it may also be that the electric vehicle itself does not support three-phase charging, or the charging settings are faulty. In view of the previous case experience and the advice of professional technicians, we informed Ben of all possible reasons for the three-phase charging failure and the corresponding solutions, also followed and guided him throughout the whole process. Under our suggestion, after confirming that the wiring and car settings were correct, Ben consulted with his car dealer and finally found out the root cause: The car model is Mercedes-Benz GLC300e. Although the car itself supports three-phase charging, the charging power is limited up to 7.6kW. However, the built-in AI smart chip of the BESEN wallbox will automatically adapt to the car and perform the most efficient charging under the premise of ensuring absolute safety. Therefore, the actual charging power of Ben's car can only be around 7kW. In this case, Ben highly affirmed the professionalism of the BESEN team.



As a charging equipment supplier integrating R&D, production and sales, BESEN has always put customers’ needs in the first place while focusing on the high quality and excellent performance of the products. We provide users with a first-class experience in many aspects, including technical support and customer service. Products and services are always the focus and core of our work. We are committed to providing customers with the best electric vehicle charging solutions.

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