What is EVSEMaster APP?

EVSEMaster APP is an app that manages to charge your EVSE. It allows you to set up custom charging, monitors your EVSE, and get alerted if something goes wrong. EVSEMaster APP also includes timing charging and delayed charging functions. So you can schedule charging in advance to keep your EVSE running when needed. The EVSEMaster APP also allows EV drivers to view real-time data about the status of EVSE equipment, such as whether the EVSE is available or in use. The EVSEMaster APP is free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Setting timed charging for your electric vehicle

Driving an electric vehicle (EV) is becoming increasingly popular as many people look for ways to reduce their emissions. To help optimize the use of energy, many smart EV owners opt to set times when their vehicles are charged, allowing them to take advantage of "off-peak" price tariffs or renewable electricity sources. Setting timed charging allows you to gauge the amount of energy you need while also ensuring that your battery is full when you need it. Using a timer ensures that the charge will not stay engaged indefinitely by accident, potentially wasting energy and money while decreasing battery life over time. Additionally, some utility companies offer special programs which utilize timed charging to reduce strain on the grid at peak times. If your EV is compatible with these programs, taking part in them can lead to significant cost savings for you and benefit the entire power system. By setting up timed charging for your vehicle, you can ensure optimal performance and have peace of mind knowing that your charging strategy is making a positive impact from both an environmental and economic standpoint.

Delayed charging to avoid peak hours

Like many utilities, electricity companies impose peak hours during which prices for electricity can be significantly higher. These peak hours can occur at any time throughout the day, depending on the season and the region. They often occur in the afternoon and evening when the demand for electricity is highest. To avoid these high charges, one strategy that can be used is delayed charging. This involves scheduling charges to be completed earlier or later than peak hours. By doing this it is possible to make use of off-peak prices and save money on utility bills. Delayed charging can also help to reduce strain on local electricity supplies during peak hours and contribute to a more efficient overall system. While each person's situation will vary, implementing a delayed charging strategy offers a potential solution that could result in considerable cost savings over time.

Quantitative charging for optimal battery life

The key to maximizing battery life is the concept of quantitative charging. This involves using less energy than is needed to fully charge a battery, while still providing enough energy so that the battery can ultimately reach its capacity. It requires precise mathematical calculations depending on the type of battery and its current state of charge. Generally speaking, quantitative charging works by applying an initial current to the battery, then gradually reducing as it reaches closer to its full potential, before finally stopping when the maximum required amount of charge has been achieved. Along with being more efficient from an energy perspective, this method of charging also helps to reduce stress on the battery and minimizes degradation over time. That's why quantitative charging can be extremely useful for obtaining optimal performance from modern batteries.

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