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General Electric Vehicle Charging Station Charges
- Feb 25, 2017 -

① the size of typical conventional charging station

According to the current General Electric vehicle charging data, usually to configure a 20~40 electric car charging stations, this configuration is given full use of evening electricity to recharge, the disadvantage is that charging equipment utilization is low. Also considered in the peak charge, then you can prepare a 60~80 electric charging stations, the disadvantage is that charging costs, increasing peak loads.

II charging station power supporting the typical configuration (if charged with harmonics and other processing functions)

A programme:

Construction of substation design 2 10KV cable into the line (with 3*70mm cable), 2 500KVA transformer, 380V outlet 24 road. Where Rd is the special outlet for fast charging (with 4*120mm cables, 50M, 4 circuit), the road to charge a machine or an alternate outlet, the rest being conventional charging outlet (with 4*70mm cables, 50M, 20-circuit)

B programme:

Design 2-way for 10KV cable (with 3*70mm cables), set 2 500KVA user boxes, each box with 4 Lu 380V outlet (with 4*240mm cables, 20M, 8 circuit), each outlet set a 4-circuit cable to the charging power supply branch boxes (with 4*70mm cables, 50M, 24 circuit).

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