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Fast Charge With Electric Vehicle Charging Station
- Mar 04, 2017 -

① the size of the typical fast-charging stations

According to the current EV fast-charging data, generally at the same time to 8 EV charging to configure a charging station.

II charging station power supporting the typical configuration

Design of a programme, the construction of substations 2 10KV cable into the line (with 3*70mm cable), 2 500KVA transformer, 380V outlet 10 road (with 4*120mm cables, 50M, 10 circuit).

B programme, design 2 10KV cable (with 3*70mm cables), set 2 500KVA user boxes, each box with 4 Lu 380V outlet, for the charging station (with 4*120mm cables, 50M, 8 circuit).

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