How Will the EV Industry Evolve?

The first electric vehicle was created more than 200 years ago. However, it never got the traction it should have got, and gasoline vehicles took over. Fast forward to the 21st century, electric vehicles are selling like hotcakes now. Everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and move from their gasoline vehicles to EVs.But — why is that? Why does everyone now suddenly care about EV vehicles? How popular are these things going to get in the near future, and in the years to come? Will the industry, as a whole, keep getting bigger? Well, read on to find out everything you need to know about this subject.

The Future of the EV Industry is Bright

There were tons of problems with the first batch of EVs introduced to the public. They were slow and inefficient, and charging them was a nightmare. But that’s not the case anymore. In fact, EVs are considered to be more reliable and efficient than their gasoline counterparts these days. Plus, as the availability of electric vehicles and high-quality charger manufacturers grow at a rapid pace, the industry is expected to boom.From 2016 to 2022, EV popularity has been growing at a quick pace of 40%. Furthermore, it’s expected that most of the automotive industry have shifted to EVs by 2035. But why are people falling in love with EVs so quickly? Here are the top reasons why.

Top Reasons Why People Prefer EVs Today

1. Climate change is a growing concern now

One of the biggest reasons why EVs are being adopted so quickly is their no-impact effects on the environment. Gasoline vehicles pollute the environment by releasing a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of the combustion happening in their engines. This carbon dioxide harms the environment and makes it less appealing for humans to breathe in. Furthermore, our natural fuels are being consumed at a quick rate. If we keep consuming our fuels at the rate we are consuming today, we will run out of them very soon. When that happens we won’t have any more fuels to burn, and that’s where electric vehicles come into play. An electric vehicle does not leave any carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and hence, does not harm the environment in any way. All in all, EVs are helping us save the world in the long term. While people were not aware of this concept in the past, they’re highly concerned about it today. So, the adaption rate of EVs has been rising to accommodate the positive change.

2. EVs are silent

Noise pollution is just like any other kind of pollution; it makes our atmosphere suffer. Gasoline vehicles make a lot of noise. In dense urban areas, the sound coming out of every vehicle adds up and the atmosphere becomes harmful to people’s ears. EVs, as you might have known, don’t make any noise. So, they completely eliminate the concern of automotive noise pollution altogether.

3. There are tons of options

Many automotive manufacturers are shifting towards electric engines now. So, now we have tons of options when choosing an EV from the seller market. More options lead to more competition, and more competition means better products for the consumers. Hence, EVs are getting really good now, and they come in all shapes and sizes for consumers to pick from. Furthermore, EVs also come in hybrid models, which provide even more flexibility to the users. A hybrid model essentially offers the best of both worlds. You can charge and drive it as an EV. However, if your power runs out, you can always fall back on the gasoline engine as the backup.

All in all, EVs are becoming more accessible to people by offering tons of flexibility options.

4. Electric cars are cheaper to drive

While electric cars are comparatively more expensive to purchase, they’re cheaper to drive. In most cases, an EV will get you a much better cost-to-distance ratio than a gasoline vehicle. That’s why people are willing to invest the extra bucks, in the beginning, to ensure they get much better energy efficiency later on. Furthermore, as petrol prices are rising globally in 2022, EVs reduce the cost-to-distance ratio of gasoline vehicles even further. Now, it makes sense more than ever to switch to an electric vehicle and enjoy much better power efficiency.

5. Electric cars are faster

An electric car consumes energy much more efficiently than a traditional gasoline vehicle does. So, it’s able to produce a lot more power without needing a massive power source.

The result? EVs these days are much quicker than gasoline vehicles while being only at a fraction of the cost when compared to hypercars. Due to this perk, EVs have lately been getting a lot of love from performance enthusiasts who love to talk about numbers of the cars they own.

6. Charging infrastructure is growing

Due to the lack of public charging stations and private chargers, charging your EV was a tough job in the past — but not anymore. Today, public charging stations are found extensively. The number of public chargers is growing rapidly in many of the world’s top markets, like China, the US, the UK, and more. Besides, the availability of private chargers is also rising by the day as more and more manufacturers jump on the bandwagon.

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