Everything To Know About EV Charging Stations

Are all vehicles produced equally? The straightforward answer is no ! In this modern technology era, different types of vehicles operate on different principles. Some of the cars are powered by petrol, diesel, or CNG. Meanwhile, some vehicles are run by electricity. Those vehicles which are run by electricity are called electric vehicles and therefore need to be charged by EV charging stations. Now you are clear with the definition of EV.


If you decide to purchase EVs, you should consider a few things first. Here we discuss about electric vehicle charging stations. How do these charging stations become the primary source of car charging? Below is the answer and much other information to increase your knowledge about it.

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What are EV Charging Stations?

A device that connects the vehicle to electricity is required when you need to charge an EV. And this device is called electric vehicle charging station.

Purpose of EV Charging Stations

The main objective of charging stations is to recharge the battery of the EV that keeps it in running mode.


Some customers may be confused about how an electric vehicle is powered or which source is right. This is why it is essential to understand the working principle of electric vehicle charging stations.  

Which Type of Current To Charge The Electric Vehicle?

We know that there are two types of current.

  ● Direct current

  ● Alternating current


EVs can be charged by both of these two types of current. However, some vehicles need to be charged by DC and therefore need a charger that can convert AC into DC first.

What Are The Types of EV Charging Stations?

You will find various types of chargers in the market that may make you a little bit confused. Here we introduce different charging stations to help you make the right decision.

1. AC Charge

It is one of the primary and standard methods of charging because of its ease. It is also called level 2 charging of EV. The following steps have mentioned the way of charging with an AC source.

  ● The charge station is wired directly into the grid of your home

  ● Then plug the cable into your EV

The charging station sends the electricity to the battery of an electric vehicle.

2. DC Charge

Direct current proves beneficial for fast chargers. It goes directly from electricity source to electric vehicles. It is also called level 3 charging of EV. The question is how to charge an EV faster with a DC source.

  ● The fast charger with a converter

This conversion process enables the batteries to charge faster.

3. Trickle Charge

It is the best choice to charge a smaller vehicle because of its 3 prongs. The EV is charged by the source of 220V. It is also called level 1 charging of EV. You can use this kind of charging  when EV needs a little more power to remain in motion during the whole day.

Electric Vehicle charging Stations Cost

The cost of EV charging stations depends upon the two factors.

  ● Amount of electricity

  ● Efficiency of EV

Both of these parameters calculate the cost per mile of an electric vehicle. However, the kWh unit is used for the efficiency of the plug-in EVs. 

Time Taken By The Electric Vehicle to Charge

The EV takes time to charge and it depends upon two parameters.

  ● The size of the battery of the car

  ● Charging speed of the carport

If the battery of the car is bigger, it takes more time to be fully charged and vice versa.

Working Principle of EV Charging Stations

The working principle of EV charging stations is the same as the power given to home appliances. Simply a plug goes to the charging port of an EV. At the same time, the other end of the cable hooks up to an electrical outlet. Undoubtedly, the advanced technology made this charging process more efficient and easy for consumers.

What Type of Material is Used to Make Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Different types of materials are used to make electric vehicle charging stations. Here we mention a few of them.

  ● Cooper

  ● Stainless steel

  ● Aluminum

  ● Chrome

  ● Titanium

  ● Other metals

Benefits of EV Charging Stations

There are many benefits of having EV charging stations. It has advantages not only for the environment but also for your businesses. Some of them are mentioned below.   

  ● EV charging stations can be a great source of income because of the increase in EVs on the road

  ● Installing EV charging infrastructure at your place of business protects you from pollution

  ● Having an EV charging station business is one of the competitive ways to differentiate your company in this technological world

  ● It gives your company a strong reputation

  ● EV charging station keeps the employees happy

What Makes BESEN Different From Other EV Charging Stations

If you want to spend money on suitable charging stations, then the BESEN charging station is one of the great options to consider. Here we give some reasons that make the BESEN charging station different from others.

  ● Can charge any electric vehicle

  ● Highly scalable and space-saving equipment

  ● Safe electrical accessories  

  ● BESEN EV chargers are more innovative and faster; can charge your electric vehicle in less time

  ● Smart metering, cellular capability, and network connectivity

  ● Reliable electrical products for the charging process

BESEN has shown a number of charging solutions, standard as well as fast charging. If you want to know more about BESEN, then feel free to contact us. BESEN is at a first-class level in the mobility revolution. We provide high-performance charging equipment with a guarantee of safety.

Wrap Up

Due to the significant demand for EVs, there is a greater need for EV charging stations that support and charge EVs at higher voltages. There are three levels of EV charging. Level 3 of electric vehicle charging is more powerful than the other two charging levels. In contrast, level 2 charging is the best for charging at home. In fact, whenever you don't want to charge an EV at home, charging with a public charging station can be a good choice for you as well.

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