Everything To Know About EV Charger

Electric vehicle (EV) is one of the most innovative and reliable vehicles. Now the biggest question is how to and when to charge an EV. If you are an EV owner, you should know much more about EV chargers. However, you may be struggling with a different type of questions and want to be clear about EV chargers. If the answer is yes! Then don't worry. This article will answer most of your questions about EV chargers. We try to compile everything that you need to know about EV charger. For example, what is it? How does it work? And many more! So, let's start to discuss all about EV chargers.

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What is An EV Charger?

Same as any other charging device, EV also needs to be charged for its proper working. So, an EV charger is a charging device needed to charge the battery of an electric vehicle. 

How Does an EV Charger Work?

In the past few decades, cars have been run with the refueling of empty tanks with gasoline and diesel. At the same time, electric vehicles which were filled up with some different resources entered the market. These electric vehicles have a tap into the electric grid for power and also contain a socket-to-outlet connection for recharging. In a concise and straightforward way we say that, the EV charger delivers the current to the vehicle, and this current is compulsory for the operation of electric vehicles. Same as any other electrical appliance, EV also needs a specific voltage for operation, such as 240V.

What Are The Different Types Of EV Chargers

There are basically 3 types of chargers

   ● Rapid charger

   ● Fast charger

   ● Slow charger

1. Rapid Charger

This charger can charge an EV quickly, so it is the fastest way to charge, especially when you plan to go on a long drive. Besides, it only takes 35-40 minutes to charge 0-80% of an electric vehicle. These chargers are located in motorway services or main roads to charge EVs.


The speed of the fast charger is approximately 43-50kW.


The time required for charging is about 30 minutes.


● Type 2- 43 kW AC ( 7-pin)

Connection type:

Most of the connection types are tethered. 

2. Fast Charger

You will find these chargers at public parking lots, workplaces, and shopping centers. The type of vehicle decides the time taken by the EV charger to charge the EV. Typically it takes 3 to 5 hours for an EV to be fully charged. With this type of charger, you have to use your own charging cables.


The average speed of a fast charger is 7-22kW.


The approximate time taken by the charger is about 3 to 5 hours.


The socket of this charger is type 2 with 7 pins.

● Type 1- 22kW (5-pin)

● Type 2- 3kW (7-pin)

Connection type:

The connection type is untethered.

3. Slow Charger

It is the easiest way to charge an electric vehicle at home overnight and considered to be the best home EV charger. Some of the car owners use this kind of charger to charge their EVs.


The speed of the slow charger is up to 3.6kW.


The time taken by the slow charger is approximately 6-12 hours.


  ● Standard plug (3-pin)

  ● Type 1 - 3 kW (5-pin)

  ● Type 2 - 3 kW (7-pin)

Connection type

The connection type is universal. The majority of them have tethered cables.

It is one of the most highly demanded types of charger, and also recommended for daily charging at home.


However, if you want to invest in a correct type of charger, then the BESEN EV charger is one of the great opportunities to choose. Our product ensures safety. Easy and accessible for home use.

How to Charge an EV?

There are typically 3 ways to charge an EV.

  ● You can charge the vehicle by plugging into the standard Level-1 household outlet

  ● By plugging in Level- 2 home charging stations

It typically requires a voltage of about 240V, the same as other home electrical appliances.

  ● Public charging stations that offer Level-2 and 3 services

Unlike smartphones and laptops, EV has a particular type of connector.

Benefits of Electric Vehicle

There are many benefits of having an electric vehicle. Some of them are mentioned below.

  ● With EV, you can save money because there is no fuel required for its operation

  ● Environmental- friendly

  ● Having a better performance


Why Are BESEN EV Chargers Right For You?

BESEN EV charger can meet your needs with easy installation at home. BESEN has years of experience in creating, maintaining and installing EV chargers which are stable and safe. Would you want to know more about our brand? Then visit BESEN-Group.  

Wrap Up

Due to the lack of trust and life span of EVs in the market, we strongly recommend you invest in the right place. BESEN can meet your needs and ensure a safe use at the same time. As EV charging is expected to have a negligible effect on electricity, its stability depends on its operation mode. There is a range of EV charging technologies to charge your electric vehicle very well. We hope that you have a better understanding of EV chargers now. If you still have any confusion about EV chargers, then comment below! We’ll try our best to assist you.

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