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Top 5 EV Charging Station Companies in China


China’s electric vehicle (EV) market is growing rapidly, driven by the government’s push to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. As the number of EVs on the road increases, the demand for charging infrastructure also grows. This has created a significant market opportunity for companies that produce EV charging stations in China.

Overview Of The EV Charging Station Market In China

Hundreds of companies in China manufacture EV chargers, ranging from large state-owned enterprises to small private firms. These companies offer various charging solutions, including AC and DC charging stations and portable chargers. The market is highly competitive, with companies competing on price, product quality, and after-sales service. In addition to domestic sales, many Chinese EV charger manufacturers are expanding into overseas markets, seeking to capitalize on the global shift toward electric mobility.

Government Policies And Incentives That Promote Manufacturing EV Chargers

The Chinese government has implemented several policies and incentives to promote the development and manufacturing of EV chargers. These policies can support the growth of the EV industry and reduce the country’s dependence on fossil fuels.

One of the most significant policies is the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan, introduced in 2012. The plan aims to increase the production and sales of new energy vehicles and support the development of the related infrastructure, including charging stations. Under this plan, the government provides subsidies and other incentives to EV charger companies.

In addition to the New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan, the Chinese government has also implemented other policies and incentives, including:

Tax incentives: Companies manufacturing EV charging stations are eligible for tax incentives, including exemptions from value-added tax and reduced corporate income tax rates.

Funding and grants: The government provides funding and grants to companies developing and manufacturing EV chargers. These funds can be used for research, development, production, and other related activities.

Technical standards: The government has established technical standards for EV charging stations to ensure their safety and reliability. Companies manufacturing EV chargers must comply with these standards to sell their products in China.

Top Companies Manufacturing EV Charging Stations In China

1. BYD

BYD is one of the top manufacturers of EV chargers in China, and the company has been at the forefront of the EV charging industry for many years.

BYD provides various charging solutions that cater to various needs, including AC, DC, overhead, and inductive charging. BYD’s 150kW DC fast charger for buses and trucks has also received certification from Underwriters Laboratory (UL), making it the highest-capacity single-unit charger ever certified by UL.

BYD’s EV chargers are also known for their reliability and durability. The company uses high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques to ensure that its chargers are built to last.

2. State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC)

The State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) is one of the largest utility companies in the world, and it also manufactures electric vehicle (EV) chargers. The company also offers a wide range of EV chargers, including slow, fast, and ultra-fast ones.

SGCC’s EV chargers have advanced features like real-time monitoring, remote control, and data analysis. These features ensure that the EV chargers operate optimally and that any issues can be quickly identified and resolved.

SGCC’s EV chargers are also highly regarded for their quality, reliability, and advanced features. Moreover, SGCC’s EV chargers will continue to be crucial in facilitating the expansion of China’s EV market as the demand for electric vehicles surges.


TGOOD EV Chargers is a reputable Chinese company that designs and manufactures top-quality electric vehicle chargers. Established in 2004 by a team of innovative German and Chinese engineers, TGOOD is committed to providing safe, efficient, and reliable charging solutions for EV owners worldwide.

One of TGOOD’s flagship products is the TGOOD Charging Station, a cutting-edge charger that can power up most electric vehicles from 0% to 80% in 30 minutes. This lightning-fast charging capability makes the TGOOD Charging Station ideal for busy commuters, long-distance travelers, and anyone who wants to get back on the road quickly.

Moreover, the TGOOD Charging Station boasts advanced safety features, including overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, and overheating protection. These features ensure the electric vehicle is safe from any potential electrical hazards while charging, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

As a leading charging solution provider, TGOOD has supplied its products to numerous prestigious organizations, including governmental agencies, gas stations, hospitals, universities, banks, parks, and more.

4. Star Charge

Star Charge is a Chinese company that specializes in manufacturing EV chargers. The company was founded in 2015 and has since become one of the leading manufacturers of EV chargers in China. Star Charge’s EV chargers come in different types, including wall-mounted chargers, floor-mounted chargers, and fast chargers.

Star Charge provides a selection of fast chargers, including the advanced ‘BeiDou II’ split DC charging system with a 360kW power output. The fourth-generation high power density 30kW/1000V module used in the BeiDou II offers a peak efficiency of over 96%, ensuring it can effectively meet the charging requirements of different vehicle models.


One of the leading manufacturers of EV chargers in China is BESEN.

History and Background

BESEN is a professional electric vehicle charging product manufacturer committed to providing the safest, most efficient, and most reliable electric vehicle charging solutions for families and businesses. The company was founded in 2010 and is located in Nanjing, China.

Products Offered

BESEN offers a wide range of EV charging products, including AC chargers, cables, and connectors. The company’s products are designed to be safe, reliable, and easy to use. The most popular product is the BESEN RFID EV charging station. Its RFID model offers a practical self-billing solution for users who seek to streamline their parking expenses. Unlike other charging stations, the BESEN RFID model does not require complicated networks or expensive OCPP models. This means users can bill from afar without needing exceptional maintenance staff, making it a cost-effective option. With its unparalleled ease of use and affordability, BESEN RFID EV charging station has become the go-to choice for EV owners looking for a hassle-free and economical charging solution.

ODM and OEM Services

In addition to its standard product offerings, BESEN offers ODM (original design manufacturer) and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) services. This means that the company can customize its products to meet the specific needs of EV charging, whether they are looking for a unique design or specific features.

Certificates and Patents

BESEN places significant emphasis on certifying all of its products to ensure the highest level of quality. By obtaining certifications such as CE, TUV, CSA, ETL, and more, BESEN ensures its products meet the standards required in many regions such as Europe, North America, the Middle East, South America, and beyond. Additionally, BESEN has invested heavily in its EVSE product line, resulting in the ownership of design and invention patents. The company prioritizes innovation based on customer feedback to help distributors stay ahead of their competitors.

BESEN’s Global Presence

BESEN has a global presence and is committed to providing customers with innovative, high-quality, and reliable electric vehicle solutions worldwide, further cementing its position as a leading brand in the EV charging industry. BESEN has catered to clients in over 42 countries and supplied 78 exceptional electric vehicle charging solutions. As one of the first Chinese brands to enter the EV charging industry, BESEN has established itself as a trusted and reliable provider of electric vehicle charging solutions.


In conclusion, China is home to several reputable EV charger manufacturers, including TGOOD and BESEN. These companies offer a range of high-quality EV chargers that are designed to meet the needs of both private and public users. Various options are available to suit different requirements, from wall-mounted chargers to fast chargers.

As the demand for electric vehicles continues to grow, it is essential to have reliable and efficient charging solutions in place. The EVSE manufacturers in China are committed to developing innovative and sustainable charging solutions for electric vehicles. With their expertise and experience in the industry, they are well-equipped to meet the needs of the growing EV market.



1. Are There Any Other Companies Making EV Chargers In China Besides The Ones Mentioned In The Article?

Yes, there are other companies involved in the production of EV chargers in China, but the ones mentioned in the article are some of the leading ones.

2. Can EV Chargers From One Company Be Used With EVs From Another Company?

Yes, most EV chargers are designed to be compatible with different EV models and brands as long as they comply with the same charging standard.

3. How Fast Can EV Chargers Charge An Electric Vehicle?

The charging speed of EV chargers depends on the type of charger and the power output. Level 1 chargers can provide up to 2.4 kW of power, while Level 3 chargers can provide up to 350 kW of power, enabling a full charge in as little as 30 minutes.

4. Can the EV charger be installed At Home?

Yes, you can install an EV charger at home if you have access to a power source and meet the installation requirements. It is recommended to consult a licensed electrician before installing an EV charger.

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