Comprehensive Guide To Buy Portable EV Charger

Electric vehicles are slowly gaining a lot of popularity. More consumers are buying electric vehicles which have made portable EV charger popular as well. Similarly, the charging stations for electric vehicles and residential homes will increase in demand in the future.


If you don’t know what features are important in a portable electric car charger, then this comprehensive guide will be helpful to you. Here are some factors that you must consider when buying a portable EV charger. 

portable ev charger
portable ev charger

Location of the Charger


Before buying your EV charger you should consider where your EV will be parked. It is important to measure the distance between the car and the location where the electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) will be installed. The charging port is on your vehicle and cables run from 15 to 25 feet. It is important to ensure that the cord must reach where it must go. The location of the charger is important as it will determine the performance of the charger.  


Plug or Hardwired


It is important to consider how your portable EV charger will be plugged? It is a great idea to get it hardwired as this will help you to drive your vehicle easily. Will your portable electric car charger be conveniently connected to the power supply? This is another factor that you need to consider while making your choice.


Many people avoid buying the hardwired charger as it can be hard to install. A portable charger for EV is easy to install and use. However, if you are looking for an affordable option then this type of charger might be the best choice. If you want it to be mounted outside, then it will be harder to steal. You can also keep it secure at all costs. 


A charger that comes with a plug is simple to install. This type of charger will give you an appropriate power outlet and will give your charger a chance to be plugged in instantly. Such a charger may be expensive but it is simple to use. This model also gives you added security to the hardwired model.




There are different types of EV chargers available on the market. You can choose a charger that fits your budget. BESEN offers a big variety of EV chargers, including Low-Power Portable EV Charger (3.6kW) and High-Power Portable EV Charger (7.2kW-8.8kW). If this isn’t enough you can also purchase a Three-Phase Portable EV charger (16kW).


Smart or Dumb


A smart EV charger comes packed with various apps. It allows you to review all the charging sessions with ease. The user can monitor real-time charging and can stop or start the charging session accordingly. If this isn’t enough you can schedule your time for charging and set up reminders to plug in as well. A dumb charger doesn’t have other features apart from charging your EV. However, this is something that most EV charger owners look out for. Dumb chargers will automatically stop once the battery is full.


Power Delivery


Every vehicle owner wants an portable EV charger that can deliver 32-amps (7.7 kW). Ideally, your vehicle will require 40-amps (9.6 kW). It is important to have a high-quality charger for the safety of your vehicles. Most EV charges on the market will help you deliver 32-40 amps successfully. You can future-proof your garage with the right charger today!


Reliable Warranty and Safety Certifications


There is a wide range of EV charging equipment available on the internet. Each one of them boasts about special features. Some products are of low quality and may not last for long. You need to check the warranty and whether it has safety certifications or not.


The low-quality units may have a short warranty and the chargers tend to malfunction too. If the EV charger is certified by UL and ETL in terms of safety, it is the right option for you.


How Much Power of An EV Charger Is Enough For Users?


A small and typical charger only offers 16 amps and the charging power will be comparatively smaller too. However, BESEN's portable EV charger has higher power. It features 30-48 amps which are far enough for the users. No matter what type of vehicle this charger will fit your requirements. If your EV is requiring more power than your previous charger, it will be a good option.


Some users opt for EV chargers with the highest power. However, they later realize that a normal power could have been suitable for them too. The battery of the EV will take time to charge anyway, so you don’t need to rush up things.

portable ev charger
portable ev charger

Conclusion: Where To Buy A High-Quality EV Charger?


If you are looking for a portable EV charger the best idea is to purchase it from BESEN. They offer a wide range of high-quality chargers for your convenience. The Mode 2 EV cable will fit in with your vehicle and charge it in different conditions. BESEN’s portable EV chargers are lightweight and offer a smooth performance. These products are water-resistant and can with stand any charging environment.

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