Are EVs Becoming More Popular?

Did you know that more EVs were sold in one week of 2022 than in the entire 12 months of 2012? EVs have been getting popular at a constant pace now. Every passing year marks a massive increment in the popularity of EVs. In this post, we will dive deeper into this subject and explore how and why EVs have been getting so much love from the public these days. Let’s get started. 

Worldwide Sales Doubled in 2021 When Compared to 2020

Seeing the EV sales rise in the market charts is a common trend now. EV sales have been skyrocketing at a constant speed. In 2010, EVs held only 0.01% of the automotive market. Five years later, in 2015, the market share increased to more than 0.67%. It doubled within 2 years, and in 2017, the market share was more than 1.36%. Since then, seeing the market share double down on the previous year has become a common trend. In 2018, EVs had already secured more than 2.30% of the market share. The sales of 2019 and 2020 might have been a bit disappointing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but still, the market share rose nonetheless. Fast forward to 2021, the market share of EVs rose to 8.57% from last year’s 4.11%. These statistics lead to one conclusion: EVs are getting popular by the day, and there’s nothing stopping them now. 

China and Europe Are Leading in Global EV Sales

Looking at China’s EV sales number for 2021, we can see people bought 3 times more EVs in 2021 than they did in 2020. Furthermore, China has been identified as the market growing the fastest in electric car adaption. In Europe, the EV sales in 2021 were almost 70% higher than in 2020, resulting in a total of around 2.3 million annual sales. It’s important to note that the overall automotive market cap was going down during the pandemic, but the market share of EVs was still rising. 

Good EV Chargers Are Also Readily Available Now

Another reason why the EV market was held back in the past is the lack of proper charging infrastructures. There were not enough public EV charging stations to charge your electric vehicle during transit. This problem was a massive letdown for many people, especially the ones who used their vehicles for longer travels. However, that’s not the case anymore. Today, there’s an abundance of high-quality public charging stations, as well as private EV charger manufacturers. Besen is a top-tier EV charger manufacturer that strives to provide its customers with the best-in-class stability and efficiency. Our chargers can stand the test of time, and we promise to give you a top-notch experience. Manufacturers like Besen are contributing to the overall booming market share of EV vehicles.


Other Reasons for EV Popularity

A major reason EVs are getting popular is that it’s easier to charge them now, thanks to high-quality manufacturers like Besen International Group. Furthermore, the number of publicly available EV chargers is also growing tremendously each year. China, alone, has around one million EV chargers throughout the country now. The best part is that around 40% of the total chargers are fast chargers, which improve the user experience and makes it easy for the consumers to charge and drive their vehicles effectively. 

Besides, there are many other contributing factors that are driving the industry forward. For instance, a lot of companies are now producing EVs, giving tons of flexible options to consumers. We’re now seeing EVs coming in from many of the reputed automotive brands. Plus, not to mention how Tesla is getting popular by the day and expanding its availability to different parts of the globe to capture more markets. The wide availability of hybrid cars also makes things more streamlined. A hybrid car uses two or more kinds of power; mostly gasoline and electricity. When the user runs out of battery, they can switch to the petrol engine to keep going. Hybrid cars essentially solve a massive problem, i.e., the lack of public chargers during long transits. Users can drive their cars on electric power until the battery runs out. When it does, they can conveniently switch to the petrol engine and complete their transit until a charging station arrives. 

Furthermore, the rising concern for saving the environment is also a massive contributing factor. As you might know, electric vehicles don’t release any harmful residues into the environment, so they don’t negatively affect nature in any way. As electric cars don’t rely on combustion engines, they don’t make noise. So, they’re pretty much silent. It improves the overall user experience of the drivers, makes the roads more appealing, as well as reduces noise pollution from the environment. Furthermore, they help conserve the planet’s natural resources. We’re running out of fossil fuels at a rapid pace, and shifting to EV cars. Last but not least, EVs are now turning out to be performing much better than gasoline vehicles, while consuming lesser electric power at the same time.Simply put, EVs have tons of benefits, and their downsides are absolutely minimum. As the industry advances with time, the downsides will be reduced even further when efficiency increases and the charging tech gets even better. 

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is: Yes, EVs are becoming popular, and at a really fast pace.  There are many contributing factors to why people are falling in love with them so much, and the cooperation of high-quality EV charger manufacturers, like Besen, is one of them. 

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