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Residential Ev charging station management mode Residential Ev charging station management mode, electric vehicles are a very common driving tool in the residential area, but now many people can only charge by pulling a long line because of the high floors, so electric vehicles are charged. Incidents causing fires are becoming more frequent. How to better manage the Ev charging station in the community so that the residents of the community can charge safely and conveniently? Today we have a detailed understanding through the articles we have compiled. 1. After charging is completed, it cannot be automatically powered off. Long-term overcharging of ordinary charging not only shortens the life of the battery itself, but also overheats the interior of the charger and battery, which can easily cause short circuits in internal electrodes and circuits, which is the main cause of fire accidents.

The cell Ev charging station can avoid the problem of overcharging. 2. Can not automatically recognize the charger is inserted. An ordinary socket can be connected to any electrical appliances, such as: electric drills, electric lights, air pumps, etc., it is easy to steal electricity and overload. There are multiple sockets on one wire, and the voltage is unstable and affects each other, and the hidden danger is great.

The Ev charging station in the community has a built-in restriction device that prohibits one charging plug from being connected to multiple sockets, effectively preventing hidden dangers from occurring. 3. There is no separate overload protection measure. A socket can be extended with more jacks. Users do not understand or take into account safety issues, and randomly connect them at will. Once a short circuit occurs, the entire line will be affected.

The residential Ev charging station has a built-in overload protection device to prevent overload and prevent short circuits. At present, a small number of communities have coin-operated Ev charging stations, each with 10 output sockets. After coin-operated, a certain interface will be charged for a period of time. Generally, three coins can be charged for more than 8 hours. For more information about Ev charging station, we can learn more about it..

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