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The Implementation Plan for Strengthening and Regulating the Construction, Operation and Management of Ev Charging Station Infrastructure in the City and the Charging Infrastructure Conference will be held at 8:00 a.m. on August 18, 2020 by Qufu Development and Reform Bureau; Qufu Science and Technology Bureau; Qufu City Industry and Information Bureau; Qufu City Public Security Bureau; Qufu City Finance Bureau; Qufu City Natural Resources and Planning Bureau; Qufu City Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau; Qufu City Transportation Bureau; Qufu City Culture and Tourism Bureau; Qufu City Emergency Management Bureau; Qufu City Fire Rescue Brigade; Qufu State-owned Assets Service Center; Qufu Administrative Examination and Approval Service Bureau; Qufu Market Supervision Administration; Qufu Office Affairs Service Center; State Grid Qufu Power Supply Company; specially invited Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Chairman Zhu Benshen Mr. participated in the city's charging infrastructure construction promotion meeting, which was held in the second conference room of Qufu municipal government agencies. During the meeting, the promotion meeting was chaired by Director Li Shidong of Qufu Development and Reform Bureau and delivered an important speech. The main content of the implementation plan for strengthening and standardizing the city's Ev charging station infrastructure construction and operation management is to vigorously develop new energy Ev charging stations. In-depth discussions and communication were carried out to solve the problem of charging difficulties and slow charging for residents. Mr. Zhu Benshen, Chairman of Besen New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., introduced the company's production scale in detail, as well as the production of our Wanhui Ev charging station and advanced production equipment. He introduced our company's new products with confidence. Energy Ev charging station do better.

He also carefully introduced the advanced cases and planning of the demonstration project in Yanzhou District and the Ev charging station in the community, and gave affirmative applause in the explanation. Before the end of the meeting, leaders from all walks of life gave high praise to Zhu Benshen, Chairman of Wanhui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. And affirmed, and increased policy support for Ev charging station and strengthened the safety management of Ev charging station infrastructure and increased the promotion of charging standardization to conduct in-depth exchanges and put forward valuable opinions. Finally, I hope Wanhui's tomorrow will be better..

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