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How to rectify bad Ev charging station Ev charging station Ev charging station How to rectify bad Ev charging station, electric vehicles are highly concerned by the policy, in Shanghai, Beijing and other big cities, there is no need to lottery and travel restrictions to buy electric vehicles, these are very attractive consumer. However, with the increasing application rate of Ev charging stations, more and more people find that most of these Ev charging stations that seem to be full of cities are actually unusable. Ev charging stations for such a corpse meal are also known as "zombie piles".

Many unusable Ev charging stations have greatly consumed the enthusiasm of consumers for electric vehicles. In first-tier cities, the number of Ev charging stations is relatively objective. Although the number of public Ev charging stations is insufficient, major shopping malls and communities are actively installing Ev charging stations. But the actual visit found that many old shopping malls do not have extra capacitors to install Ev charging stations. Most of the Ev charging stations installed are for inspection, and the quality is average. After the inspection is passed, all Ev charging stations are turned off. No one manages either.

Even if these Ev charging stations are powered on later, they cannot provide charging services for electric vehicles normally. Moreover, shopping malls and residential areas lack guide signs for Ev charging station parking spaces, and some parking lot security personnel themselves do not know where the Ev charging station parking spaces are. In non-first-tier cities, although Ev charging stations are also actively being built, no matter how fast the number of Ev charging stations grows, they cannot quickly deploy the entire urban area.

Many citizens complained that although there are many Ev charging stations in the city center, the parking spaces in the city center are tight, and most of the parking spaces at the Ev charging station are occupied and cannot be grabbed at all. It is difficult to find Ev charging stations in remote places. The distance between each Ev charging station is very large, and I am afraid of being stranded on the way to charging. The above is the explanation of how to rectify the bad Ev charging station. I hope it can be helpful for you to read it. If you want to know more related information, you can pay attention to the company's website.

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