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Smart Ev charging station manufacturers explain the protective measures of Ev charging station Smart Ev charging station manufacturers explain the protective measures of Ev charging station, Ev charging station as a social infrastructure to ensure the promotion policy of new energy vehicles, its safety protection measures are also widely concerned. In the early stage of the construction of new energy-related facilities, many Ev charging stations and electric vehicles had trips or even accidents, which made the public full of doubts and worries about new energy rail transit. It is necessary to prove the safety and reliability of Ev charging station and other infrastructure with actual cases. sex. 1. Ev charging station outdoor moisture-proof and lightning-proof measures: The standard protection level of Ev charging station outdoor installation is IP54, the outer skin is designed to be dust-proof, moisture-proof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion, and the insulation level is very high.

Ev charging station requires formal installation methods, normal use, and protective measures to avoid leakage and fire. 2. Ev charging station anti-leakage measures: the electric vehicle DC Ev charging station has a high withstand voltage level, the input and output of AC2000V to the ground has no breakdown for 1 minute, and the life of the charging gun connector is more than 10,000 times. During the installation of the Ev charging station, it is necessary to estimate the rationality of the upper and lower power lines in the area to ensure that the circuit is smooth and that the current does not exceed the capacitive load.

If the circuit installation is unreasonable, the wire limit is not enough, and the current overload may cause the cable to heat up. 3. After-sale protection measures for Ev charging station: Ev charging station includes distribution box, air switch, charging equipment terminal and cable, etc. Generally, a one-year warranty contract is signed by the manufacturer or the builder. There is a lead in the Ev charging station that can affect the life of the Ev charging station.

The Ev charging station can last for 5 to 8 years, and the lead life is slightly longer than that of the Ev charging station. The warranty period is only the time of free service, not the time of quality assurance, which guarantees the safety of use during the life cycle. The above is the relevant information about the protection measures of the Ev charging station that the smart Ev charging station manufacturers have compiled and introduced for you. I hope you can read it and it will be helpful. If you want to know more about the smart Ev charging station, you can pay attention to this book. company website.

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