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News* Tesla launches Model 3 with a battery life of more than 1,000 kilometers, priced from 29,800 yuan, Hongyuan MINIEV starts pre-sale, etc. On June 1, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation issued the "About the one-time additional issuance of new energy passenger car index configuration" Plan (Draft for Comments)", it is planned to issue an additional 20,000 new energy passenger car indicators in the second half of this year for "car-free families" configuration. On the same day, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Transportation issued a notice to solicit public comments on the proposed revision of the Interim Regulations on the Regulation of the Quantity of Passenger Cars in Beijing and the Implementation Rules for the Interim Regulations on the Regulation of the Quantity of Passenger Cars in Beijing. There are many aspects to the "car family" inclination, each person can only keep one passenger car indicator at most, and the time limit for canceling the application for updating the indicator is various. The price starts at 29,800 yuan, Hongguang MINI EV opens for pre-sale A few days ago, SAIC-GM-Wuling officially learned that its new pure electric four-seat mini-car-Hongguang MINI EV model officially opened for pre-sale. A total of 3 models were launched. The pre-sale price range is 29,800-38,800 yuan, the new car will be listed in June.

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with a 20kW drive motor and is equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a capacity of 13.82kWh and 9.2kWh respectively. The NEDC comprehensive cruising range is 170km and 120km respectively. Li Shufu: There is no anxiety about battery life for extended-range vehicles. It is recommended to share the new energy licensing policy. On May 26, during the two sessions, Li Shufu, a representative of the National People's Congress and chairman of Geely Holding Group, suggested that there is no mileage anxiety for the extended-range technical route. In view of the practical difficulties encountered in the process, we implore the state to give further support, so that it can be applied as a new energy technology route as soon as possible, and enjoy the same rights as pure electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles. Two Roewe electric vehicles will be launched in August, and high-end SUVs are equipped with 5G technology. Recently, it was reported that SAIC Roewe's new "R" standard will launch two models in August this year. One is the first 5G mass-produced vehicle to achieve L3 level autonomous driving. ——Roewe MARVEL-R, which focuses on the mid-to-high-end pure electric SUV market; the other pure electric model is the i6, the ER6, which belongs to an A+ class compact sedan. The cruising range can reach 600km.

Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Pay close attention to the development of new energy vehicles and will continue to exert efforts from three aspects. On the afternoon of May 25, after the second plenary meeting of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, the second "Minister's Channel" was opened, and 3 people were present. The heads of relevant ministries and commissions of the State Council at the meeting were interviewed by online video. Regarding the promotion of new energy vehicles, Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, new energy vehicles, like traditional vehicles, have been affected by the epidemic, and production and sales have been greatly affected for a period of time. Based on this situation, the central government has formulated Policy measures to promote the development of new energy vehicles. Specifically, it is to delay the two policies of new energy vehicle subsidies and new energy vehicle purchase tax reductions that were originally planned to be rolled back by the end of this year for two years, and use this method to restore the growth of new energy vehicle production and sales.

Judging from the current situation, the auto production in April has basically reached the level of April last year, and we are full of confidence in the future development. The next step of development will continue to make efforts from three aspects, namely the supply side, the demand side, and the use side. Tesla may launch a Model 3 with a range of more than 1,000 kilometers. According to INSIDEEVs, Tesla may launch a Model 3 with an EPA range of 700 miles (1,127 kilometers) on Tesla Battery Day.

INEEDEVs' predictions about Tesla are not unfounded. Elon Musk, the head of Tesla in 2019, has publicly stated that he will announce "surprising" things at this year's Tesla Battery Day. In addition, last year Tesla has acquired Maxwell, the world's number one supercapacitor manufacturer, which has always had technical advantages in the fields of supercapacitors and dry electrodes.

7. Geometric C teaser image released! NEDC comprehensive cruising range of 550km A few days ago, it was learned from Geometry that the preview map of its second model Geometry C was officially released. The car is positioned as a compact SUV with a comprehensive NEDC cruising range of 550km. On May 20, it was learned from Dongfeng Peugeot that the Dongfeng Peugeot e2008 was officially launched, and two models were launched.

The new car is equipped with a ternary lithium-ion battery, and the cruising range can reach 360km under comprehensive working conditions.

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