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Residential Ev charging station manufacturers talk about whether fuel cells can replace Ev charging stations Residential Ev charging station manufacturers talk about whether fuel cells can replace Ev charging stations, Ev charging stations are basic auxiliary facilities for electric vehicles, and at the beginning of the introduction of electric vehicles, there is no qualified Ev charging station, car owners generally use home electricity as Ev charging station. As the country begins to vigorously promote the construction of Ev charging station, it is difficult to find an Ev charging station, and the parking space of Ev charging station is occupied by force. How to solve these problems? ? The new energy market has proposed a new solution, which is to replace the fuel cell for the electric vehicle, so that the electric vehicle can quickly obtain power, eliminating the trouble of finding an Ev charging station, as long as you find a store that sells replaceable batteries for electric vehicles. This solution is still under research and development and has not yet been realized, but it has attracted the attention and optimism of many investors. So, can this replaceable fuel cell replace the Ev charging station? At present, it is too difficult to realize fuel cells in the short term. Even if it is realized, the electric vehicle market will still use Ev charging station as the main charging method.

It is understood that the number of domestic electric vehicles has exceeded 1 million, accounting for more than half of the global proportion, making it the country with the largest number of electric vehicles in the country. The output of electric vehicles continues to break through. By 2020, the number of domestic electric vehicles will exceed 5 million. Even if fuel cells have been developed now, they cannot keep up with the increase in the number of electric vehicles. They can only gradually enter the market as an auxiliary and alternative product for Ev charging stations in the late stage of the development of new energy vehicle transportation.

Ev charging station is a globally recognized Ev charging station product. Countries have evaluated various standards of Ev charging station, which is conducive to the unified development of international Ev charging station standards in the future, and greatly strengthens the technical development of Ev charging station among countries. The discussion of unity development. Ev charging station already has relatively mature manufacturing and installation technology, and has strong guarantees in terms of safety and practical operation. The difficult problem of Ev charging station operation has also been gradually resolved. With the development of the Ev charging station market, the number of electric vehicles continues to increase, and the Ev charging station operation model is constantly innovating. , Ev charging station operation market ushered in an upgrade.

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